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  1. 1: Mouse and Keyboard 2: Steam 3: Messing around seeing if i can find a bug. 4: Dig a hole and hold the Alt key when using the deform tool to add land and cover yourself in it. Use the move keys to move around. Here is a video that i uploaded to YouTube, I hope you don't mind that i edited it and warned you that i recorded on a potato. Of course i did this to warn people who come across this on YouTube and not on the forum so i don't get spammed with dislikes. Happened last glitch video i uploaded. The captions in the video also help explain the glitch and some are just fo
  2. My base is surrounded by mountains and i cant really see over them nor can i remove them (it would take too long) but i do see your point. what my thought was is to alert distracted players (i.e. smelting, extending base, printing, ect.) so they wont be surprised when a sandstorm comes and kills the player. Like in the post you linked to me, someone said it would be more useful when future and more dangerous weather events occur. Just my thought.
  3. I think that sandstorms come quickly without much warning. I think the wind sound should be increased for the warning of a sandstorm, or create an item similar to a tornado siren in real life alerting the player with a loud noise that a sand storm is coming so the player will have time to take shelter and not get beat up with blocks suddenly. I think this will improve the game by players not being annoyed by a death that came out of no where or having to walk slowly in a sandstorm to get shelter while having blocks thrown at them. obviously it would look better and match the theme of the game,
  4. i am not experiencing any frame drops now but i fell through one once and grabbed a researchable through it and it is quite cool although game breaking.
  5. ok thanks for the tip, i wouldnt do that anyways so i can fit as many platforms as i can in my base.
  6. yes, but i wont get the materials or the resin back from it.
  7. Is there a way to allow the 2 resin spots to allow to be built again after you expanded off it? i am making a colony on another planet and i calculated the amount of resin i will need to get what i need to start and then explore the planet and expand later, but i made a mistake and i built off of one of the things that take 2 resin and you can build something from it. it will no longer accept my resin and now i cant build on it. i could just explore the planet and find more resin but i want to keep my base compact.
  8. Is this a graphical error as in they still work and you can connect? Or do the tethers stop working when you see them black?
  9. try building a rover and hooking it up to both items to try and connect the two, if that doesn't just put a solar panel or generator onto the thing missing the power cable. but this is a very bad bug.
  10. when towing a land vehicle, approach it with another vehicle so an end of one vehicle is near the other, you should see a translucent cable connecting the two. Click it and now the two vehicles are connected and can be pulled easier like a car trailer. The winch is to move items that cannot be picked up such as space ship debris.
  11. when you die you re-spawn at your nearest habitat, that isn't a bug, its how it is supposed to be. Also, before reporting another bug you think you discovered, read this:
  12. that's why i have two storage items on both sides of my smelter
  13. well the only thing i can help you with is that if you dig the land beneath a tether, it just floats and doesn't fall down, also you can bury them too, so the floating tether is normal, but how the tether lost the land beneath it i cant say anything about. i have also been experiencing similar glitches on terren and barren
  14. I am on the steam version using a mouse and keyboard, i was digging on the moon (barren) looking for a cave and i experienced a very strange bug, there was a texture glitch and i was in a cave, but also not at the same time, i could see through the ground and collect researchables and i could see that i was in a cave through the ground but i could still dig as if i was underground, i jumped in the missing texture glitch and i flew up in the sky very far and didn't die. Watch the attached video for a better detail. Sorry for the horrible frame rate, my PC is bad and i had some OBS setting
  15. Hello, I just updated the new update released today and when i got to my base on the moon (barren) there was the new random space ship spawn consuming part of my base. I don't know how to fix this. the crafter was completely consumed but because of the hole in the space ship, i can still access it, though, it is a major annoyance. I am using a PC with mouse and keyboard.