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    I would like to contribute with some suggestions for future updates, first a minimap is very important in exploration games, nor do I ask that the whole map of the planet be revealed but if it would be well for the map to reveal itself progressively while exploring the surface, as well as Many have mentioned before, a health bar, you could implement a food system that simulates a survival game and with it could be added new machines, such as a greenhouse, a food processor, increasing the number of raw materials That can be found in each planet (where they could be scarce in some, but would depend on the type of planet), the truth is not if it is implemented since I have played only 3 days, but would be good to go to other planets, To create space stations and that can be used in online cooperative, I have many ideas to give but I know that this game still has a long way to go and I understand how difficult it is to develop it, but I place my trust in him and in the team of developers , Thank you.