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  1. I think there should be another vacuum attachment called the "builder," or "formatter." (Or any other name that has to do with building) I WILL SAY BUTTONS FOR XBOX, BUT IT WILL DO THE SAME FOR PC. How it works: 1. (When attached to vacuum) Press "x" to pull out vacuum 2. Instead of the regular destroy, create, or flatten circle showing up, a menu pops up, with a list of different things you can build(discovered in research) 3. The stuff you can choose can be walls, floors, doors, roofs, stairs, etc. Under the title and maybe picture, there will be the recipe. It will say what u
  2. on xbox you push down on right joystick. left joystick to sprint
  3. When I started playing astroneer, it ran very smooth. Now, when i play, since i have many vehicles, bases, and attachments, the game runs slower than a world with less "stuff." To be sure of this, i made another world, and sure enough, it ran smooth, so this is a valid point, not just my xbox(which runs other games great)
  4. In Astroneer when you are flipping through camera perspectives i think there should also be a first person mode. Give people the feeling that they are there, they they are the astroneer. Maybe automatically zoom out when in shuttle or spaceship. I think first person using the vacuum would be awesome.