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    Stuck Rover Trains

    I am also experiencing the stuck large rover trains. The third and fourth generally get stuck to the ground.
  2. Enjoy

    Improving Trade Post - Too Much Clicking

    Put a button on both sides of the main controls. Hit the button on the right and it loads everything from the right to the ship. On the full ship, hit the button and it unloads to the side the button is on.
  3. Enjoy

    Conveyor Belt for tether idea

    I also don't think there needs to be conveyor belts. The item could just teleport to the next conveyor once every 2-3 seconds. Maybe you only need one conveyor per 2 or 3 tethers.
  4. Enjoy

    Conveyor Belt for tether idea

    I mentioned earlier that the tethers should have a single point attachment on the top. Do that, keep the tethers the same amount of material to build. Then, you can make the conveyor a separate item. So, you could attach the conveyor to any single point socket. Now, here's where it gets interesting. Make a storage silo at your base. Maybe make it a component that holds 3 rows of 8, but round. These would have double attachments on the top and bottom, so you would attach them to the base modules. and you can stack them. Now wherever you place one of these, the material on your conveyor chain would go to the nearest one of these for storage. Oh, and they need power to run the conveyor. Also, when you have a conveyor chain active on your line, any materials you collect immediately go from your pack to the conveyor when your pack is full. Now, blowing your mind, The silos can be stacked, turned horizontally, and mounted to wheels and towed like a tanker truck, then, you run your tethers from the truck into the cave, link your converyors to the silo. MINING TRUCK!!!
  5. I'd like to see attachment points on top of tethers. You could attach single contact point items. 1. You could attach beacons to the top of them. 2. You could attach your suit's wind, battery and solar to them for a mini base station. 3. You could pop materials on them for decoration. 4. In the future, you could add things like pole sections that could be stacked, and different types of lights and attachments you could attach to the top, or bottom of pole sections. That would be cool for making street lights and cave lights. You could attach a tether to the ceiling, extend a pole down, and have a big light in the center of the cave.
  6. I would like to see a circle on the ground of the max length. When your new tether can attach to the last tether, the last tether shows a max distance circle. Combine this with not being able to move the new tether outside that circle, it would make things much easier. If you have the max and you can't place it farther, you'll end up wasting time banging it on the wall trying to get it to place somewhere. If you can see the ring on the ground, you'd already know where you can place it. Personally, I don't think the limit would be good, I would like the ring on the ground though.
  7. I have only tried this once, with a one seat shuttle. I don't know where the beacons are flying off to, but I'm worried they'll get jammed up in the code. Careful everyone, there's about 20 beacons floating around in the 1's and 0's.
  8. Just did this but much worse. (and cooler) I landed on the other side of the planet before I did it. My seat disappeared under the world. I reloaded, and I started in space, in my seat, no spaceship. The seat orbited a little and dropped me from space somewhere on the planet. So, I'm face down in a cave, somewhere, who knows. I can't die, can't move, game over.