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  1. killerbake

    "153+154" - April 21, 2017

    any idea when 153 will hit windows store? aww jeez rick.. ugh like... why do windows store users get the shaft? berrp because morty... because microsoft morty.
  2. killerbake

    Move Multiplayer to Azure Gaming Cloud

    lol. Which is why this is posted in the suggestions & ideas forum. To suggest the idea of implementing the cloud instead of just plain dedicated servers.
  3. Just a suggestion for the devs. I don't know if any of you have looked into the Azure Gaming platform from Microsoft. It is one of the best solutions out there for multiplayer, is cheap, can instantly scale, and can even take some of the processing tasks off players cpu. It is even multi-platform. I believe that the game could directly benefit from a solution like this. Not only for stability over the life of a MP session, but having the ability for part of the game itself to be running in the cloud during MP session could see some crazy improvements. Just a thought. Take a look at Crackdown 3 which is utilizing Azure and UE4. Halo 5, Titanfall, they both use Azure and are praised highly for (other then day one) great mp. Now take a look at For Honor and Ghost Recon Wildlands. They both use p2p and are having consistent downtimes and terrible connections. (Still cant play a full match) What does the community think? Videos:
  4. killerbake

    Going Faster

    Hmm. Is it p2p currently? I can't recall.
  5. killerbake

    dont want to brag...

    Holy! That's actually a really clever idea
  6. killerbake

    Saw this on the homepage of Unreal Engine

    On the homepage no less. Well deserved is true @Wyvyrias! I bet the webmaster is addicted to Astroneer.
  7. I was browing unreal engine when this popped up. I think it's really cool that they showcase projects of any size. Didn't know if anyone else saw this.
  8. killerbake

    Allow the game to use more RAM?

    Its 3GB for xbox os. (that was posted before their windows 10 update) might be less now. I remember when xbox first launched it was actually like 3 different operating systems in one. lol But now that it's Win10 based it might be less, but as it stands I believe it is 3GB.
  9. killerbake

    How do I...?

    As of the writing modules/habs cannot be undone.
  10. I know suggesting a sundial sounds really weird for an interstellar mining/research game lol but hear me out. I was reading on the forum about a clock but how being in different areas etc can be a headache for that. (unless your lil' dude has a nice digital watch) But if we were able to build a sundial at a our base, we could at least see how much daylight we might have left to use solar etc and just for general time keeping.
  11. killerbake

    Allow the game to use more RAM?

    Xbox has 8gb ram. It requires 3gb of that 8 for the OS. so there is more to use. Most games have a minimum spec, but deploy dynamic limitations. What I mean is that if the system has 16gb, and the game has a minimum of 3gb to run, then it can scale and use more if needed. That's all. Just if you have a better system, you get better results
  12. killerbake

    Add official lights

    This right here. I noticed that day one lol
  13. killerbake


    If you find this game boring, it is not for you.
  14. killerbake

    Delete and Backup Saves

    It's on the roadmap. As you can't do this on Xbox. (then again I never looked at storage management. You may be able to sort and delete right on the dashboard.
  15. killerbake

    Un-editable terrain bug

    This is better articulated, but the exact issue. I'm glad to see this isn't just me. I'd like to say I'm also on the latest build of the Beta Dashboard for Creators Update.