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  1. And I just spotted this posting under the Report Bugs/Crashes tab. Looks like the solution to the issue will soon be with us.
  2. That’s good to hear! It’s been an issue that’s been vexing me for ages. Thanks for sharing the info!
  3. I’ve encountered this issue multiple times. It tends to happen when you’re running a base (early game) with intermittent power during the night cycle. Until the issue is fixed, there is a way I’ve found to ‘reset’ the Centrifuge. Use a Packager on it, then unpack it again. True, you lose the soil you put in, but at least the module is useable again. I always keep a couple of Packagers near my Centrifuge these days for just this situation. hope this helps!
  4. Hi. Mechs would be awesome (I’m a mecha fan so no surprise I’m for it). Not sure about Aircraft, as we already have jet packs. Maps in various forms have been suggested before. I doubt we will ever get a map on a Heads Up Display, as the game is designed to have no HUD. The best idea regarding navigation would be to have bases and beacons show up on your compass, regardless of distance. Also, just a side note about the compass, I’d really like to be able to access it whilst in a vehicle.
  5. Blame autocorrect! I always do. It’s been the bane of my life for years...
  6. No, just... no. This isn’t a war game. There are not even guns (and the Devs had made it clear that there will never be guns) in game.
  7. 1. There is actually a way I recently learned from YouTuber One Last Midnight on how to create a timer using just two buttons ( search “automatic soil centrifuge” to see it built and in action). You are right though, it would be better if we had some kind of function on the button that does this. 2. Good suggestion. I’d like to see that implemented. They could be called “Full or Half Full”, Empty or Half Empty” etc. 3. The Devs originally had this conveyer system in a much earlier build, where the items did travel down the power cables. You’re right though, we need some way to indicate where we want the items to go. Maybe a widget that attaches to storages and modules (like the new sensors) which can be set to a specific channel or frequency, so that when items are on storage with widget A on frequency 1, they get sent to storage with widget B on frequency 1, etc. 4. Yes! I need this! Please Devs! 5. Agreed. I actually made a new topic on this alone, before finding your suggestion here, so this is definitely something I’d want too. I’d only want to be able to move artefacts though, as I see no point in moving other tier 2 items around. 6. Agreed. Right now when On (regardless of being used or when idle) each arm draws 1 unit of power from your base’s/vehicle’s power supply per second. That means that an RTG can only power four Auto Arms and nothing else! That seems a bit wrong to me. I would half the power cost to 0.50 units per second, or at least dial it back to 0.75 units per second. Sort of a semi-related topic, but a number of people have suggested drones/robot pets in the past. I can see drones being seriously included now, as one of their functions could be to become part of the automation. Imagine this setup: you have a special “carrier” drone (I’m thinking of a caterpillar tracked drone) that can carry a tier 2 item (medium storage). You have a pair of “Stop Here” pads on the ground (one where the resources are stored and the other where you need them to go) which the drone is programmed to go back and forth between. You have Auto Arms loading and unloading the storage on its back at each end, allowing you to move a number of items from point A to point B. This could be across considerable distances, even taking supplies from one base to another on the same planet!
  8. Not sure where to put this on the forums as there is no dedicated place for Tips and Tricks, but I’ve discovered a useful trick using the new Auto Arms to create a continuous research system for getting Research Bytes, and I wanted to share in case anyone reading this had not discovered it themselves. Two things to know firstly: 1) Auto Arms can grab Research Samples off the bushes and stones that they spawn on 2) Auto Arms can deposit Research Samples (and other materials) into a vacant Research Chamber Locate a bush with 1 or 2 Research Samples, then put down a medium platform (A, B or C) with an Auto Arm on top, positioned so that the bush is within the Arm’s Green ‘grab’ circle. Next, put down a Large Platform A In the Blue ‘deposit’ circle, with a Research Chamber on top. You’ll also need a Storage Sensor to trigger the arm to start working initially, though I’ve found once it’s set up you can remove the sensor. Now you just have to power the Arm and the Research Chamber (3 units of power per second in total). An RTG provides ample power, but in early game you can use a combination of Medium Solar Panels, Medium Wind Turbines and Medium Batteries. If you use a Large Platform B instead of the M. Platform A for the Research Chamber, then you can use the side slots to put a couple of power sources on it without having to create another platform. If this is on a dedicated Server, you can set this up and then just leave it to slowly acquire research points for you whilst you are either in or out of the game. And if you have more power options available, you can have the first Auto Arm deposit onto a Medium Storage, with two or more Auto Arms feeding from it on to each their own Research Chamber, for an increase in speed in getting Research Bytes. enjoy!
  9. I can definitely see the issue you bring up here, though I should point out that I was actually envisioning this as being set by the devs to only pick up artefacts. Maybe give it a name that includes ‘Artefact’ in the title to convey this? Like “Artefact Auto Arm” for example. This way it would not need a filter item, because it has its own inbuilt filter.
  10. I made a similar suggestion back on the 20th of June. Unfortunately, it was pointed out to me that the Devs had stated they will not be putting any Text-based signage into the game, as you will then inevitably get people using it to leave crude or offensive messages, which would bump the game up in the ESRB rating. There has apparently been talk about icons being used, so who knows? I’m leaving a link below to my original thread in case you’re interested.
  11. This would definitely be handy, as it would be a way for you to easily deliver whatever you’ve dug up. The only thing I would amend is to have some kind of option to enable/disable this feature on each auto arm, with the default being disabled. Otherwise, you might get in to the situation of having materials taken from your backpack when you don’t want that to happen (e.g. I always try to keep a nugget of Resin on me for Filters).
  12. You could switch out the Aluminium for Aluminium Alloy, that would have the same effect as having included Tungsten in the recipe (you would still need to travel to Desolo to get the Tungsten for the Chemistry Lab). Graphene however means you would also need to get the Atmospheric Condesner before making them (you would need the Hydrogen for the Hydrazine used to make the Graphene), which would make it a little later in the game than I imagine. You can make the regular Auto Arm without having to leave the starting planet as the two ingredients for it are found there, so I was adding Tungsten in order to require the player to wait a bit until they’ve travelled off world to Desolo before being able to build the Medium Auto Arm. What about 2x Aluminium Alloy and 1 Graphite? Still requires you to visit Desolo for the Tungsten for the Chemistry Lab, but the materials used for making the Aluminium Alloy are back on Sylva. One round trip to Desolo and you could start making as many Medium Auto Arms as you can find the resources for.
  13. Forgot to mention: I envision the recipe as being an evolution of the original Auto Arm’s recipe: 1 Aluminium, 1 Graphite, and then either 1 Tungsten or 1 Tungsten Carbide.