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  1. I really like using the new Glowsticks that have been introduced, but I thought of a couple of things I would change/improve about them. Here are my ideas. If anyone else has any ideas of their own, please feel free to add them here: Different colours: Could have a handful of different colours to choose from. In a multiplayer game different Astroneer could use different colours to keep track of who is marking what. To change colour, the player could just click on them whilst they are on your backpack or stored on a platform or storage. Visual indicator of time remaining: I'm thinking the glowstick could start flashing/pulsing when it's only got a couple of minutes left. I saw on another post that their life expectancy is 15 minutes, and if you have multiple glowsticks down then it's impossible to keep a mental track of how much time you have left on them.
  2. Ghostwolf93

    Permanent glowsticks.

    More colours, please!
  3. Ghostwolf93

    Alphabetical Printers

    +1, plus what about an option to 'hide' and 'unhide' items you have unlocked? Once I've made myself a mod in my backpack, I'm unlikely to be making another unless I lose the one I've made, so the option to hide it from the menu as I'm scrolling through the backpack printer would be very welcome. And if I do lose my Wide Mod at some point later on, I can just Unhide it from the menu and print a replacement, before hiding it again. There should be certain things you couldn't hide (to prevent you hiding them by accident), like filters, or instead just have a confirmation need when hiding anything.
  4. Ghostwolf93

    Large Battery + Extra Large Battery

    Sorry, I wasn't clear about what I meant. What I meant was that it was cheaper in terms of how much Lithium was used to get the same amount of power storage. I kind of screwed up and forgot to add that clarification. I agree with what you are saying though. Titanium Alloy and 2 Nanocarbon Alloy would make them far more expensive than The currently existing batteries. I was aiming for there to be a little bit more involved in the building of these two batteries, so I chose a couple of materials that can only be acquired once you have built a Chemistry Lab. How about this as alternative recipes? Large Battery: One Zinc, one Lithium, one Aluminium Alloy Extra Large Battery: One Zinc, two Lithium, one Titanium Alloy The Extra Large Battery is meant to be late game, hence why I originally thought of using two Nanocarbon Alloy. With these amended recipes, you could build the Large Battery as soon as you unlock the Chemistry Lab, and can then later build the Extra Large Battery when you have unlocked and built an Atmospheric Condenser (for the gas needed to craft the Titanium Alloy).
  5. Ghostwolf93

    Jetpackin to another planet?

    Me too. Though if you think able it, could your backpack store enough extra fuel AND extra O2 Tanks to enable you to make such a journey? I'm not so sure. Would still be cool though. One dream I've always had for Astroneer is for the Devs to introduce an asteroid ring in the system, with landing sites on the largest asteroids. You could land on one and then use the Jet Pack to move from asteroid to asteroid, mining resources as you go.
  6. Ghostwolf93

    Medium Battery Meter Glitch

    This can also happen to the charge meter on Medium Wind Turbines, through the same process. Same salution too, just pack then unpack. Also, The Small Solar's panel seems to become unattached from the little tube it's attached to when transported to another planet.
  7. The Large Battery would be built by the Medium Fabricator and would cost one Lithium, one Zinc and one Titanium Alloy to make. It would store 1,024 Units of power (equal to four Medium Batteries), and would have an Input/Output speed of 5.0U/s. The advantage to building a Large Battery over four Medium Batteires would be that it would be cheaper in terms of resources used for construction, just like building one Medium Battery is cheaper to build than eight Small Batteries. The Large Battery would have just under half the Input/Output of four Medium Batteires (four lots of 3.0U/s equals 12.0U/s), just like a Medium Battery has just under half the Input/Output of eight Small Batteires (eight lots of 1.0U/s equals 8.0U/s). The Extra Large Battery would be built by the Large Fabricator and would cost one Lithium, one Zinc, and two Nanocarbon Alloy (alternately, if that's considered too expensive, the recipe could replace one of the Nanocarbon Alloy for a second Lithium). It would store 4,096 Units of power (equal to sixteen Medium Batteires, which could be stored in the same space on two Large Storage Silo A), and would have an Input/Output speed of 8.0U/s. For reference (according to the Astroneer Wiki): Small Battery stores 32 Units of power, and has an Input/Output speed of 1.0U/s Medium Battery stores 256 Units of power (equal to 8 Small Batteries), and has an Input/Output speed of 3.0U/s It takes 1 second to charge/drain a battery with 1Unit of power at a rate of 1.0U/s.
  8. Ghostwolf93

    The Exploration Update - September 4th, 2019

    I agree. I feel both the new Jump Pack AND the new Jet Pack are a bit overpriced in terms of bytes. Both should be cheaper in Bytes, so that we can get to use them earlier on when their function would really be a benefit.
  9. Ghostwolf93

    Large Storage Silo

    Love using the new Medium Storage Silo, so got to thinking "why not have a large version?" It would take up the same sized slot at the existing Large Storage, be made of either four Titanium or possibly two Titanium plus two Steel, and would provide three times the medium storage slots that the Large Storage does. after all, we can never have too much storage... 😎
  10. Ghostwolf93

    The Summer Update - June 20th, 2019

    So, after reading through all the previous comments I am getting the impression that a lot of people are not happy. I can say that I am not one of them. I have not had the issues with loading my previous game saves, though I have noticed the fps drop around my base (though that might be more to do with the fact that it just grew by a third in size). I have had the game crash once, where it just froze then I was immediately returned to the Xbox dashboard. I for one am enjoying the new items available to use, most of all the new Medium storage silo. I am currently playing through a game aimed at getting the Secerts of The Universe achievement, and was having some storage issues with the four Medium storages I was using. Now having switched two of them out for these new silos, I am back on track, and have already unlocked every gate on Atrox. Now working my way through the other planets now that the hardest is done. Also, quick mention. The new Floodlights (now that they are working thanks to the hotfix) make great headlights for Medium and Large Rovers. Anyone else tried thus yet?
  11. Ghostwolf93

    Vehicle idea: exoskeleton "M.U.L.E."

    Thanks, I get it now.👍🏻
  12. Ghostwolf93

    Vehicle idea: exoskeleton "M.U.L.E."

    I have for a long time wanted some kind of Mech in this game, and this exoskeleton concept is the closest I've read about so far. The leg system is a little confusing; maybe just have speed and jump mods that you can switch out? I think the exoskeleton should provide the player with oxygen, as it is technically a type of vehicle and all other vehicles provide oxygen. Also, I'm not sure I understand the section marked 2.4. Again, a bit confusing. I like the overall concept, just think it needs a little fine tuning.
  13. Ghostwolf93

    Retro Suit gone v1.0.6.0

    Wait, this issue also effects unlocked items? Do you mean the other locked suits and the locked palettes? Now that is extra annoying.
  14. Ghostwolf93

    Retro Suit gone v1.0.6.0

    My Retro Suit has vanished from the list of available suits to choose from. It was there after the patch, but now it's gone. Not sure if it's a continuation of the known issue of it being sometimes unavailable, or something else, but figured it should be mentioned. Oh, and my current suit changed palette colours on its own. On I was rocking the Exo Red Palette, but after the latest update i found it had reset to Exo Standard (Blue). Have been able to change it back, no problem, but thought it was worth mentioning.