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  1. Ghostwolf93

    So much POWER

    Just guessing here, but I'd suspect they used the Winch. I did this once and that's what I used.
  2. Ghostwolf93

    Space Stations

    I can think of one VERY important reason for a space station: acting as a construction yard of building an interstellar spacecraft. I've mentioned it before, if System Era wants to introduce new planets post 1.0, they could create new solar systems that we could travel to via such a craft. Such spacecraft would naturally be much larger than anything we have access to currently, so it makes sense that it would be something that would have to be built in pieces in space. You'd have to fuel it (Astronium as a fuel source?), plus have the ability to pack provisions for establishing a new base in another system, as well as having the capacity to dock at least one Shuttle for 'shuttling' between the spacecraft and the planets. The overall Spacecraft design could even be modular, like the rovers, allowing you to tailor it to what you want to bring with you (expanded fuel reserves for multiple trips, larger storage, room for more than one Shuttle, etc).
  3. Expanding in this idea, you could also have a 'queuing' system where you can specify it produces x amount of one type of gas, then automatically start producing x amount of another type, and so on. This would help with the whole 'automated' feel the Devs are going for in the game.
  4. Ghostwolf93

    System Era Wishes Happy Holidays!

    Happy Holidays to everyone at System Era! And a Happy New Year! love the tree in the clip.
  5. I'd also suggest changing its recipe so that you can make it earlier on. that would certainly encourage me to use them more.
  6. Ghostwolf93

    Expanded options for customising Beacons

    What about an option to adjust the distance you can see the Beacons from? So for what you are describing here, you could set the distance to be within to something like ten meters or less before it appears. That would solve the problem.
  7. Ghostwolf93

    God Mode Suit

  8. Ghostwolf93

    How about an ASTRONIUM battery

    A large battery would be something I would definitely approve of. Not sure if Astronium should be used in its construction, but if it is, it would be along side Lithium and Zinc (so that the material needs would be a progression from the Medium Battery). I think though that it's more likely that Astronium will be used for some kind of end-game power generation, as opposed to end-game power storage. Either that, or some kind of advanced tech, like Naquadah in Stargate (Naquadah is the material the Stargate is made of). An alternative is some kind of Astronium Reactor for a Large, Intergalactic Starship that would be used to travel from one solar system to another.
  9. Ghostwolf93

    Do away with teathers

    A few problems with that idea: First, you would be missing out on the chance to recycle them for scrap if you simply deleted them all. Second, by "all tethers", do you mean all tethers in that game, just on the current planet? You may not want to get rid of the tethers on another planet, but don't have the option to keep them whilst deleting all the others. Finally, what happens if you are out in the middle of exploring a cave system using tethers, and you accidentally press the 'delete all tethers' button? Sorry, but I seriously don't see the Devs implementing such a feature.
  10. At the moment we have five different colours for setting the Beacons to (plus a strobing/flashing version of red), but this isn't enough. As well as adding one or two more colours (Yellow? Cyan? Brown? Pink?), we should be able to further customise each Beacon so as to better represent what it stands for. I am thinking that instead of just switching between each colour, clicking on a Beacon brings up a small interactive display with four options: 1). An On/Off button, used for switching the Beacon on and off. 2). A colour button, for switching between each available colour (around six or more). 3). A Style or Mode button, which switches between flashing and non-flashing modes. 4). An Icon button, which switches between different icons that the Beacon shows. For the icons, I'm thinking of the following options: the default would be what we currently have, a single white dot in the centre. Option two would be a trio of white dots, just like what we used to have on vehicles. Option three would be the white Hab icon, useful for marking out where we plan on placing a Habitat before we've unlocked it. Option four would be a white Star in the centre. Finally, option's five through to eight would be the four symbols that represent the four suits in a deck of cards: a white Heart, a white Diamond, a white Spade and a white Club. With the ability to customise the colour, state and icon of a Beacon, players will have much more options when it comes to configuring their beacons in game. If anyone has any suggestions for additional or alternate colours, modes or icons, please share them below.
  11. At least your vehicles are still there! When I did this it blew up and destroyed the shredder, the Rover it was on and the Medium battery that was attached at the time. And that was before the crafting update!
  12. Ghostwolf93

    Shuttle landing points

    This is an age-old problem of Astroneer, and now that you HAVE to build at least two shuttles (one small, then either a Medium or Large Shuttle), it exacerbates the problem. My suggestion is to build a large platform away from your base, then stick a vehicle Bay and a Beacon on it. Just remember to land your Shuttle at the Beacon and your Rovers should be fine. Once you get your second Shuttle, build another plate form and Vehicle Bay away from your base, plus another Beacon (this time set it to a different color). Sorted!
  13. Ghostwolf93

    Do away with teathers

    I agree on both your points. Tethers are essential early on and still useable even after unlocking o2 Tanks. You can collect up the tethers you are no longer using, putting them back in their bundles. If you no longer plan to use them, then put them in a shredder once you have built one, to recycle them for scrap.