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  1. +1 Could use the left stick (or whatever the PC controls are for steering) in conjunction with the Y button (Xbox One interaction button) to choose which side you want to exit the vehicle on.
  2. Same here. Have started a new game I've called "Probe Hunting", just to make sure I don't forget what I'm meant to be doing! 😁
  3. Ghostwolf93

    Hydrazine Jet Pack - Swappable Canisters

    Confirmed, sadly. 🙁
  4. Ghostwolf93

    Scanner should find shelters

    +1! Menu system would be great. Could even have this before you have found all the probes. Scanning for probes would be the default setting for any new scanner, then perhaps shelters, then vehicles? Would need some way on the scanner to indicate what you are scanning for, so as to avoid scanning for the wrong thing.
  5. I've unlocked all seven planets (5 planets and 2 moons if you want to be technical), however the Calodor probe didn't give me anything, plus The Wanderer's Way achievement will not unlock. Have left the planet, landed on another, have saved and exited game, have reloaded. Still no Wanderer Orange (which I've seen Z1 Gaming get from Calodor), still no achievement unlock.
  6. Ghostwolf93

    T1 crafting "cancel button"

    It USED to be possible to cancel anything being built whilst it was half way through building. I don't like the fact that they changed it. Whilst I don't mind the change for anything larger than T1 (as it's much harder to mistake one thing for another due to the larger holograms), I agree that being able to cancel something being built in your backpack should be possible.
  7. Ghostwolf93

    Rotate Floodlights 90 degrees on backpack

    Ah, I missed that suggestion. Though if you will be fair, he's describing the floodlight 'when mounted on player-occupied mining vehicle'; my suggestion was for this behaviour when on the backpack. Both our ideas have merit, in my opinion.
  8. At the moment when you attach a floodlight to one of the Widget Slots at the top of the backpack it just points straight up, directing its light upwards. This isn't very useful, so what if when attached this way, the Floodlights rotate 90 degrees to point forwards in the same direction that the Astroneer is facing? This would turn the Floodlight into a back-mounted torchlight, giving it more functionality. A slightly modified idea is to have it still do so, but when the player pulls out the terrain gun the Floodlight then tracks the cursor, lighting the spot where you are aiming at/digging.
  9. Ghostwolf93

    wind turbine farms

    +1 Ah, Surviving Mars. I must get back to that game at some point. On Holiday in a week's time, so there's no better time for an extended visit to the red planet. 😎 Design wise, I think that this wind turbine would really work, though I do have a slight suggestion: I keep imagining it as being more squat in appearance, to the point that the blades on the turbine create the shape of a globe. Also, with one or two more blades?
  10. Ghostwolf93

    Alphabetical Printers

    Good to know I'm not the only one who finds it hard sometimes to find something in the catalogues. Thanks!
  11. Ghostwolf93

    Glowstick Improvement Ideas

    What colours would you want? How long would you like them to last?
  12. I really like using the new Glowsticks that have been introduced, but I thought of a couple of things I would change/improve about them. Here are my ideas. If anyone else has any ideas of their own, please feel free to add them here: Different colours: Could have a handful of different colours to choose from. In a multiplayer game different Astroneer could use different colours to keep track of who is marking what. To change colour, the player could just click on them whilst they are on your backpack or stored on a platform or storage. Visual indicator of time remaining: I'm thinking the glowstick could start flashing/pulsing when it's only got a couple of minutes left. I saw on another post that their life expectancy is 15 minutes, and if you have multiple glowsticks down then it's impossible to keep a mental track of how much time you have left on them.
  13. Ghostwolf93

    Permanent glowsticks.

    More colours, please!
  14. Ghostwolf93

    Alphabetical Printers

    +1, plus what about an option to 'hide' and 'unhide' items you have unlocked? Once I've made myself a mod in my backpack, I'm unlikely to be making another unless I lose the one I've made, so the option to hide it from the menu as I'm scrolling through the backpack printer would be very welcome. And if I do lose my Wide Mod at some point later on, I can just Unhide it from the menu and print a replacement, before hiding it again. There should be certain things you couldn't hide (to prevent you hiding them by accident), like filters, or instead just have a confirmation need when hiding anything.
  15. Ghostwolf93

    Large Battery + Extra Large Battery

    Sorry, I wasn't clear about what I meant. What I meant was that it was cheaper in terms of how much Lithium was used to get the same amount of power storage. I kind of screwed up and forgot to add that clarification. I agree with what you are saying though. Titanium Alloy and 2 Nanocarbon Alloy would make them far more expensive than The currently existing batteries. I was aiming for there to be a little bit more involved in the building of these two batteries, so I chose a couple of materials that can only be acquired once you have built a Chemistry Lab. How about this as alternative recipes? Large Battery: One Zinc, one Lithium, one Aluminium Alloy Extra Large Battery: One Zinc, two Lithium, one Titanium Alloy The Extra Large Battery is meant to be late game, hence why I originally thought of using two Nanocarbon Alloy. With these amended recipes, you could build the Large Battery as soon as you unlock the Chemistry Lab, and can then later build the Extra Large Battery when you have unlocked and built an Atmospheric Condenser (for the gas needed to craft the Titanium Alloy).