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  1. Ghostwolf93

    Large Storage Silo

    Love using the new Medium Storage Silo, so got to thinking "why not have a large version?" It would take up the same sized slot at the existing Large Storage, be made of either four Titanium or possibly two Titanium plus two Steel, and would provide three times the medium storage slots that the Large Storage does. after all, we can never have too much storage... 😎
  2. Ghostwolf93

    The Summer Update - June 20th, 2019

    So, after reading through all the previous comments I am getting the impression that a lot of people are not happy. I can say that I am not one of them. I have not had the issues with loading my previous game saves, though I have noticed the fps drop around my base (though that might be more to do with the fact that it just grew by a third in size). I have had the game crash once, where it just froze then I was immediately returned to the Xbox dashboard. I for one am enjoying the new items available to use, most of all the new Medium storage silo. I am currently playing through a game aimed at getting the Secerts of The Universe achievement, and was having some storage issues with the four Medium storages I was using. Now having switched two of them out for these new silos, I am back on track, and have already unlocked every gate on Atrox. Now working my way through the other planets now that the hardest is done. Also, quick mention. The new Floodlights (now that they are working thanks to the hotfix) make great headlights for Medium and Large Rovers. Anyone else tried thus yet?
  3. Ghostwolf93

    Vehicle idea: exoskeleton "M.U.L.E."

    Thanks, I get it now.👍🏻
  4. Ghostwolf93

    Vehicle idea: exoskeleton "M.U.L.E."

    I have for a long time wanted some kind of Mech in this game, and this exoskeleton concept is the closest I've read about so far. The leg system is a little confusing; maybe just have speed and jump mods that you can switch out? I think the exoskeleton should provide the player with oxygen, as it is technically a type of vehicle and all other vehicles provide oxygen. Also, I'm not sure I understand the section marked 2.4. Again, a bit confusing. I like the overall concept, just think it needs a little fine tuning.
  5. Ghostwolf93

    Retro Suit gone v1.0.6.0

    Wait, this issue also effects unlocked items? Do you mean the other locked suits and the locked palettes? Now that is extra annoying.
  6. Ghostwolf93

    Retro Suit gone v1.0.6.0

    My Retro Suit has vanished from the list of available suits to choose from. It was there after the patch, but now it's gone. Not sure if it's a continuation of the known issue of it being sometimes unavailable, or something else, but figured it should be mentioned. Oh, and my current suit changed palette colours on its own. On I was rocking the Exo Red Palette, but after the latest update i found it had reset to Exo Standard (Blue). Have been able to change it back, no problem, but thought it was worth mentioning.
  7. Ghostwolf93

    Tractor Hides Backpack Items

    I just noticed this too. It's not a major issue for me right now, as it doesn't impede gameplay, but I do hope they fix it at some point down the line.
  8. Ghostwolf93

    1.0.1 on XBOX .. update is on the way

    The frame rate is killing my interest in the game right now. I love a lot of the new stuff and the new look, but there is some much there now that the lag is almost permanent for me now, even above ground! I've only played a few hours into my first game: have built up my base a bit, have just one tether line going right now (worth about four to five tether-bundles worth), have three vehicles (printed a second tractor by mistake' with no option now to cancel building), and have yet to even leave the planet, and the lag is worse than when I left the first planet in previous versions. not a happy gamer... 😤
  9. Ghostwolf93

    So much POWER

    Just guessing here, but I'd suspect they used the Winch. I did this once and that's what I used.
  10. Ghostwolf93

    Space Stations

    I can think of one VERY important reason for a space station: acting as a construction yard of building an interstellar spacecraft. I've mentioned it before, if System Era wants to introduce new planets post 1.0, they could create new solar systems that we could travel to via such a craft. Such spacecraft would naturally be much larger than anything we have access to currently, so it makes sense that it would be something that would have to be built in pieces in space. You'd have to fuel it (Astronium as a fuel source?), plus have the ability to pack provisions for establishing a new base in another system, as well as having the capacity to dock at least one Shuttle for 'shuttling' between the spacecraft and the planets. The overall Spacecraft design could even be modular, like the rovers, allowing you to tailor it to what you want to bring with you (expanded fuel reserves for multiple trips, larger storage, room for more than one Shuttle, etc).
  11. Expanding in this idea, you could also have a 'queuing' system where you can specify it produces x amount of one type of gas, then automatically start producing x amount of another type, and so on. This would help with the whole 'automated' feel the Devs are going for in the game.
  12. Ghostwolf93

    System Era Wishes Happy Holidays!

    Happy Holidays to everyone at System Era! And a Happy New Year! love the tree in the clip.
  13. I'd also suggest changing its recipe so that you can make it earlier on. that would certainly encourage me to use them more.
  14. Ghostwolf93

    Expanded options for customising Beacons

    What about an option to adjust the distance you can see the Beacons from? So for what you are describing here, you could set the distance to be within to something like ten meters or less before it appears. That would solve the problem.