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  1. Im having a similar issue with my first save. I made another save that seems to load fine
  2. I would like powerpuff girl style pig tails to put on the helmet of the astroneers.
  3. Moving forward the conversation that continues in this thread should be exclusively about what kind of customization should be added to move the current and new suits to make them more feminine. This topic title is called "female astroneers" and as such we should stay on topics. Everyone trying to voice there opinions about what they think the astroneers are in the suits should go to the correct thread to voice those opinions. This topic is about customization of the avatars to reach an specific type of aesthetic, a Female one. Anything posted that is off topic will be reported accordingly. Th
  4. I think your right. It's really cool to hear their thought process behind the design. I think the tf2 reference is so cool and shows how much thought they put in. Im excited to see the new suits in the future as well as how the constructive conversations that happened in this thread will effect the designs they do.
  5. i had an idea for a race of roaming aliens that collect resources on some time of shell that will chase you down if they catch you taking the compound off there backs. I think this would be a cool way of adding alien enemies without the need for lethal force.
  6. I can agree with this. I didn't mean to start an argument, I just wanted to discuss a proper implementation that would make people who agree agree. I think this game has so much potential to be a game where different types of astroneers play the game in different ways for different experiences and reason.
  7. An airlock closet/Wardobe would be so cool, it'd be a good way for them to execute all the other custom options in one place as well.
  8. what does everyone think of a station where you can change the appearance of your astroneer to one of the other as well as any other future astroneer they add?
  9. I see so just make a female version of the existing ones? i like it, added the later customization options offer some more towards the ends im speaking of.
  10. if they took away one of the flag ship astroneer it would be a bummer i really like the idea of the station where u can change your character model in game at the base.
  11. Without your help this thread wouldn't have had a chance to become the most replied thread on the request forum. (at this time) I like your idea of adding a station that you can step into and change your appearance.
  12. Thank you everyone for making this, at this time the third most view thread
  13. I didn't think it would start an uproar either. i'm against the idea of changing one of the current models unless its some type of toggle able action where i can go from male to female at any point.
  14. So i point out everyone opinion valid, and you just try to makes yours fact and tell me what I need to do?