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  1. matsykun

    Console with commands

    I can see a console being incredibly useful for Modders, creative mode players, and especially server hosts. I don't see it as cheating but I think it needs to be used under direct circumstances. I'd say think of specific uses for the console and how yu envision it
  2. matsykun

    closed habitat door

    I was sitting in my habitat, minding my own business irl, when a dust storm hit my base. naturally nothing was affected but something really bothered me... I can understand the logic behind the habitat being open when the Explorer is inside, but when the dust storm rolls around it wouldn't make sense for him to keep it open. I know it's something minor, but these small details can help make the game feel more immersive. all I would suggest is a variable that let's habitats know when to close their doors.
  3. matsykun

    Money Grab??????

    As someone who took a video game level design class... I know that this can only mean the game is going to see a huge WHAM of awesome in its future.
  4. matsykun

    50 days.

    wow, good to know that our lovely dev's are really putting all their efforts into their project! #team effort
  5. matsykun

    Planet Travel Distance

    ill give it a look when i have some spare time, when i had tried i couldnt reach radiated from tundra
  6. So i got bored and decided to go to the outer reaches of the galaxy... it took me a very long time just waiting for the planets to enter the travel ring.. but whats worse was i was waiting a good 20 or so minutes above the furthest planet, just waiting for one to come in range. i was thinking that maybe the ring itself should be bigger, but traveling from the shortest planet to the farthest doesnt make sense. maybe change the speed that the planets revolve at? I'm not sure, really, but this will need to be addressed more when interplanetary action starts happening
  7. matsykun

    Multi monitor support

    +1 to this, windowed on fullscreen doesnt look right on my tv, and i have no way to change it from my primary to my secondary monitor. on this note i was wondering if there will be more resolution support as well (maybe its coming up in the next big patch that was announced?)
  8. matsykun

    Improving Trade Post - Too Much Clicking

    i was thinking that it could just open up an interface similar to the back pack, and yu could either click and drag or Shift click to transfer to the other bag.
  9. oxygen runs out fast enough as it is. id rather use my truck as a mini mobile base when im away, since the chances of me carrying enough tethers all the way out there is very slim. I don't think the truck should be infinite, only a habitat should be able to provide that kind of functionality. but what if there was a Pump Attachment that could be made that converts the air of the planet into breathable oxygen at a certain rate.
  10. So when I first used the Crane, I thought "Wow now I can get those researches that are high up in the trees!" -fp- Then I started to think... We need a way to remove parts once the Vehicle Bay prints them on. It's just silly when you accidentally print two cockpits, and have no way to remove them except to drive the truck into a ditch and forget about it. So, why not use the Winch or a similar attachment that can pick up and place Vehicle parts? It would facilitate vehicle construction greatly, and can even be used for base building (not the platforms that the buildings are on, but the actual building itself).
  11. matsykun

    Terrain Tools

    i was thinking about this while trying to make a tunnel big enough for a car.. I think a good way to use the flatten tool would be if we could change the pitch at which we flatten. If I want to make the ground flat, I would want to start at a certain level and then flatten the ground around it. This already works when you start on Station Ground (the black ground beneath your base building that can't (and in my opinion shouldn't) be raised or lowered, but can act as a starting point when flattening terrain. If I'm mining downwards, and suddenly end up in a big cave with a drop below me, I want to make a smooth, wide ramp. Right now, I would have to use Add Tool, raise the ground to my level and (hopefully) a nice angle. Then I could use the Flatten Tool, but it ends up either moving up by default, or creating strange angles that can somehow still be walked on. If I held down the Flatten Tool button, maybe I could also use my mouse wheel to change the angle (only on one axis) that my tool will choose the flatten the ground. This way, i could make a steep incline, or a slow decent as I please. I could also make smoother walls, without accidentally digging into sections because of the angle used after a certain distance. Or maybe the flatten tool was made to be used like a Spray Paint Gun, where you use short bursts to select and alter specific areas of terrain. Has been working out for me, kind of.
  12. matsykun

    TOOLS for exploring

    i found a random dead explorer in a cave the other day. he had dynamite in his pack. i'd love to see more of these kind of things around.
  13. matsykun

    research items in backpack

    Once yu research the truck, carrying back 24+ researchers is a breeze. Create a "dolly car" to carry around your trucks as yu build them. I had 2 trucks with 2 Vehicle Storage on them (each), and one car in the front pulling them all with 2 big Batteries and 1 big Solar Panel. worked like a charm, just don't drive too recklessly
  14. matsykun

    Trade Platform Fuel Exploit

    I think this is a really useful way to get a base started up quickly, but in no way does it replace actual mining. the yields, I find, are just right, and I an go off and find research in the trees while my pumps take energy. and no, it's not limitless energy by any means. the wind turbines are good in numbers but act infrequently and the solar panels are only active half of the day. yes, it's a good way to help a small base grow, but once bigger it doesn't really change gameplay
  15. matsykun

    research items in backpack

    or maybe even a vehicle attachment like a pickup truck to stuff them in