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  1. System Era, you really need to listen to your LONG, LONG, LONG TIME players, and fans. Difficulty settings and selected planet starts need to be added to the game ASAP. There is no reason not to add these features except time, but investing the time to develop these features extends the life of this game 1000 fold. I understand, business, is probability shouting we need more content. So you work on things like horns and rocket boots, and while fun, don't add extended value to the game. Difficulty settings however will extend the current game play and give you time to work on more substantial content updates. The biggest problem I hear, outside the game not working correctly, is the lack of content and it is too quick to finish the game. Provide us value sliders for amount of resources that spawn, amount of research values, crafting costs, and power generation, and you give your users an endless combination of starting settings. Imagine the possibilities. A start, if I want, with 50% less resources, 25% less research values, 75% more crafting costs, with overall power production reduced by 50%. WOW! That would be fun, and wait, I can try a different one. When you gave us alternate start for that short period of time, you breathed life back into your game for that period. Truly. These features solve the lack of content for at least 6 months. People will go off and try various combinations of startup settings, and challenges with those settings. Please.
  2. Thank you for your thoughtful response. My responses are in red above. Cheers!
  3. I appreciate your feedback and thought into the concept. This is the really hard part. Try not to think about you or how you want to play. I understand from your posts that you would like it more simplistic. I agree with it, sometimes I want a relaxing game experience, but on the other hand, sometimes I want to work at something, have it be challenging, and have the final project be rewarding. For this I propose the following: Game Level Settings Sandbox = you get everything. Easy = least complexity (simpler than now). Normal = complexity is reasonable (in-game now). Hard = complexity more in-depth. Insane = you are spending days just trying to make the research station. There are already 'recipes" to craft items. As the user dials up the hardness level the 'recipes' dial up and get more granular. This solves the problem for the casual, moderate, and hardcore players. As for research, a change needs to happen and I have suggested a in-depth concept, as opposed to most people who are just criticizing instead of offering solutions. My CTO always said, "If you come to me with a problem, you better have 3 ways to fix it." I have no idea what is Astroneer's backstory - I don't think anyone does except System Era, but aren't you already an "Ignorant Pionneer"? You land on a planet and have to start researching to progress on the planet. This doesn't lend to an individual that has all knowledge at their fingertips. Maybe the Astroneer was fleeing the space station and didn't have time to pack his/her computer of completed research. Seems to me that is more of the current story line. IF I was guessing. If you haven't read the roadmap - more complexity is planned. Thanks again! I think I understand your position. Cheers!
  4. No, the scanner is very interesting. Gets the player out and exploring, and I like the idea of the Astroneer's periodic table (thought that was a very cool addition - makes it feel more spacelike and like science). I equate points to unlocking a section of research - N points equals researched item; referring the process to Subnautica isn't a negative the system works. How does crafting work? Crafting remains the same? You still create items from resources, right? Let's say this... I run around with my scanner filling up my periodic table, or finding blueprints, and get back to my printer. Fill in the rest. What am I don't at the printer?
  5. Okay, so you are saying instead of using time and resources, you would use research points to complete blueprints. Similar to Subnautica. Player runs around, scans 5 items, and can now unlock X blueprint. Okay. Crafting remains the same??? You still need to create items from resources, right?
  6. I like the concept of scanning and it was brought up on my site as well. Essentially, scanning is one form of research (portable), and another form is extended research done at a larger scanner - research building (fixed). I few things you didn't flush out. How is crafting done? Is this a magic process or does it require the user to gather resources? What is your 'research' process? Time based, resource based? How does research happen on the fixed platform? IF they keep the current UI scheme... All of these new functionalities need to be displayed somehow. What is your solution? Introducing dialogs would solve TONS of problems, but truthfully I LOVE the UI as-is and don't want to change it at all.
  7. One way to solve this problem is with hardness setting. Sandbox = you get everything. Easy = least complexity. Normal = complexity is reasonable. Hard = complexity more in-depth. Insane = you are spending days just trying to make the research station. Changes are coming. From the roadmap posted yesterday. Research System Continued updates to the Research System which encourage exploration all over planets, provide a sense of progression, and increase the Astroneer's capabilities over time. Modularity Vehicles and Structures will be comprised of a number of interchangeable and chainable parts allowing for a wide range of unique configurations Crafting Revisit of the recipes of every craftable item in the game enable a broader progression structure among craftable objects. I understand people want sandbox - the game can have both sandbox and something that is more in-depth. Minecraft is your example - Survival and Crafting. I say go even further and the 'survival' mode has several tiers.
  8. There is a difference between raw and refined resources. In the beginning you 'know' the raw resources, but you have to research how to refine it. Laterite can be found and collected, but until you research Aluminum you can't do anything with laterite. The research station would use raw resources, not refined, to build. Other buildings and items would require refined resources. Thank for asking the question. I might not have expressed it clearly enough.
  9. I appreciate the comment, and I'll take the time to read those other threads. "collect just more and more resources - I do not see it interesting or exciting" You are already collecting resources and chests, and they are adding more. I don't see how this will go away or be limited in the future unless you completely remove the idea of resources. Like every other crafting game on the market you need resources to build. "research should take even MORE energy" Okay, I can see that as a way to increase difficulty. LOL! At times I find myself cursing my lack of power, but I'm happy you have an over abundance! "mid-game platform which helps player acquire enough" I like that idea a lot. Maybe you can only get specific resources from the trade platform that can't be found elsewhere. "I see no reason why it would be worthwhile to change the current system in such a drastic way" This is the most difficult part in my opinion. How to make an application that is appealing to everyone. When you buy a completed game you have to deal with the functionality as-is, it is either good or bad or indifferent in the users opinion. This game is in pre-alpha, meaning they haven't even begun (or are just starting) to make big changes to the application. I would highly doubt Astroneer today will be Astroneer on release. As stated in blog release yesterday from Veronica. "we’ve defined Pre-Alpha to mean that while the game is in a demonstrable state (you can play it, right now!), it does not contain all of the necessary core systems or features for a full 1.0 Release. It’s like looking at a slice of cake – you can see part of the layers and get a sense of the frosting, but it really needs the rest of the cake around it to get the full effect." So expect drastic changes because they are coming. One way to solve this problem is with hardness setting. Sandbox = you get everything. Easy = least complexity. Normal = complexity is reasonable. Hard = complexity more in-depth. Insane = you are spending days just trying to make the research station. My YouTube community has also expanded the original concept - some agree, some disagree. But like yourself they have offered valued feedback. I want Astroneer to be GREAT - an all-time classic. Thirty years from now, I want people will look back on the game as an example. Similar to how people refer to Minecraft as a game changer in the industry. The devs in a live stream long ago asked for feedback. It seems the majority of feedback they are receiving is criticism. This video, idea, concept is an effort to do my part. Not just provide another 'I like" or "don't like" but help design - if only to start a deep dialog. Thank you again for taking the time to watch and provide feedback.
  10. Thank you Lithium for watching, and I appreciate you forwarding the video to the developers. I completely understand your frustration regarding criticism with development progression, I'm a business application developer and I understand the life cycle (you're in QA?) and problems associated to releases. Regardless of the noise, I hope you understand everyone I've spoken to adores Astroneer, and you have left us all wanting much, much more. LOL! I have clocked 106 hours - if you believe Steam time - and I still can't get enough. If you get a chance, my YouTube community has responded with some very interesting additions to the original concept. Please read them over if you have time. Cheers, OneLastMidnight
  11. I just did a search, and you are correct the idea has been brought up before. But... No one provided art or a way it could be implemented into the existing system. :))) Well... Didn't read all the posts, but I think no one has. Thank you for pointing this out Kantanshi. Also, to clarify. I'm not just suggesting a research tree, but a fundamental change to research and crafting as a whole.
  12. Hello, I have taken the time to propose to my YouTube channel my concept for a complete research overhaul with little impact to the existing UI functionality. This concept explores how research trees could be added to make 'researching' science more enjoyable and eliminate the random problem. The community has already expanded the original concept adding more depth and filling in gaps. I would love it if the community here could help us continue to refine the concept. System Era, we are on to something here. If you could weigh in we would appreciate it. Thank you, One Last Midnight
  13. You are right on the money, and this is exactly what is happening to me. I tested these steps after my trucks starting "disappearing" and it's reproducible. Open your inventory near your truck, and it seems like the backpack collides with the truck causing a physics force on the truck - launching either into space and somewhere else on the planet. This just started happening for me with version Steam | Win 10 | Patch 0.2.10119.0 IMHO this should be emergency patched ASAP. LostTruckAgain_1.mp4