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  1. Hi !! I'm on Xbox One X with the last version of Astroneer, and the graphics performances are very poor !!!! The game is lagging, the fps is obviously under 25fps !! IT's clearly a regression as I noticed a fluid graphic displaying few versions ago !!
  2. Hi the Team, Everytime I want to go inside the initial shelter, the game crashes and the save is not done !
  3. QRCode

    Rocks colors

    Yes, I agree, there was less rocks before the update.
  4. QRCode

    Tethers to inventory bug

    Thanks for you answer. I didn't notice the upper left trick, I always open my inventory and put the tether manually in it. I never use filters and I never had to, I'm always close to a tether or a truck in caves, but I'll keep the tip in mind. And yes, I already noticed the ressources on the ceiling of caves
  5. Xbox One : Hi, I noticed that when I take a tether to put it in my inventory, I have to open the inventory and place the tether manually. If I use the X button to put it in my inventory, it doesn't and just disappears. It's the same when I take a tether and place it on my inventory player. The tether disappears but it's not in my inventory !! I didn't noticed if it's the same with or without tethers already in the inventory, but you really have to fix this quickly, it's like hell to loose tethers in caves because of a bug. Thanks !
  6. QRCode

    Rocks colors

    Hi ! I think it's a bad idea to have the rocks and the floor in the same color. When there's a lot of green vegetation plus green rocks (which is quiet strange for a rock color) on a green floor, for example, you just can't see the rocks and you bump in them everytime. Maybe you could choose a totally different color for rocks, it will make the driving easier and less "Ho f***, a rock again !!" !! :-D Thanks
  7. Hi ! I'm on a desertic planet and I have a new audio bug when I get connected or disconnected from an air pipe. Please see the attachement Thanks PS : By the way, you'll see that I have a framerate around 10 fps, is it normal for now ? GameClip-Original (1).mp4
  8. Hi !! One thing that could be nice is giving the ability to choose the size of the beam. Someting like a long push on left button, then choosing the size with the left stick. Maybe it can consume the same energy, but it could give the player more control on how to make terraformation Thanks
  9. Hi erveybody ! Please, can you remove the inertia of the camera ?? With such a low framerate, aiming is like hell ! Because of the inertia and the lags, 80% of the time, I miss my target because the cursor doesn't stop where I aim, but a little further and, due to the low framerate, I can't anticipate and control nicely the cursor Thanks
  10. Hi everybody ! I encountered a bug while wanting to take off on a custom spaceship. I built a spaceship, then put 2 storages on it. On a storage, i place a habitat. But when I'm in this habitat, I can't use the left trigger to choose the "take off" icon, which is not selected by default (the default blue selection circle goes to a composite close to te spaceship) and so the spacheship can't take off !! Thanks ! PS : I think you should remove the default selection and always allow selection everywhere while left trigger is pulled