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  1. ArtofHart

    Passing sandstorms change terrain

    Thanks, I figured the idea was pretty simple and doesn't really require any new features to be implemented. It would use the same kind of code that your terrain tool uses but on a larger scale. Here is an example of what some instances would look like: Home base before > during > after the sandstorm: This doesn't show the covering of a base, since the gray area cannot be elevated. Natural tunnel before > during > after the sandstorm: Here i created what I think it would some what look like. Eventually this cave would close? Rover before > during > after the storm: This one is tricky since vehicles don't do well they are covered, lots of changes might need to be made for this to work easily. Awesome though.
  2. ArtofHart

    Infinite Resource loop exists

    I would suggest there just be a conversion from hydrazine crystal to liquid fuel. You should mine the hydrazine crystal and get crystal orbs in return, then you take those crystals to the fuel condenser and turn them into liquid fuel. The return would be simple: 4-8 hydrazine crystal = liquid fuel. You could also make the condenser 'extract' liquid fuel from the crystals and then the remains could be coal. In that case the conversion would be: 4/8 hydrazine = 1 liquid fuel + 1/4 coal. If you added this level of complexity (the same as metal ores) to hydrazine then you would find it is more difficult to trade hydrazine and to go to space. Adding the coal byproduct and it makes things really interesting for everyone.
  3. So I have been playing quite a long time now and I could go on for days with suggestions, but this is my most recent, simple, and interesting idea. I really dig the sandstorms, but i think having storms raise/manipulate the terrain they collide with could result in some interesting outcomes. For one, this could lead to tunnels, vehicles, and buildings getting buried, and that is a good challenge to work against. Secondly, I would increase the amount in which pre-buried crash sites and research are hidden after passing storms.
  4. ArtofHart


    Hey guys, great stuff above. I had just made an account to suggest some more to this, maybe a bit more detail to the already existing framework you've laid out: Whilst playing Astroneer I had the issue with going out on long expeditions or having a friend of mine go out, and of course we would become lost somewhere on the other side of the planet. Now you could come up with a network of beacons but then you have to remember which one is the next one and not the previous one, it's a mess in the end. So when this happened to me recently, all I could think of was having some sort of satellite that you could send up with a GPS module and it would slowly (over the course of maybe 2 in-game weeks) make maneuvers and map the planet. This got me thinking, what if you could have more than just GPS modules? What if you have a scanner that you can use to seek out precious materials both above and below the surface? Or what if you have (as mentioned by others above^) base attachments like those you have on the surface, but for space? You could have 2 different connector pieces, a Probe and a Station. The Probe is a 3 sided triangular prism that holds 2x2 on each side, has a engine on the bottom and a 2x1 on the top. The Station is a bigger rectangular prism that holds 2x4 on each side, an engine on bottom, and a 2x2 on top. You could even use engines that you find already on the surface to construct these as well. I could imagine the player would simply build and launch these the same way they do the Shuttle and the Spaceship. However, I might suggest it works more like the Trade Platform. A Launchpad perhaps? A place where you build Probes and Station sections onto an existing small rocket engine and launch them into orbit. Once its in orbit it will perform what ever duties it has based on the modules it is equipped with. As for docking parts together to make a station, you may need a Docking Port module on what ever sides it will be connecting to other pieces. If your satellite has these ports then you can choose to connect them using the Launchpad's interface. This could be displayed as a hologram with points showing each orbital you can send your satellite too. Eh, I'm just spitballing here, but being a game developer myself, I think something like this would fit very well into the existing game mechanics. There's my 2 cents!