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  1. Ben Sando

    Gravity Decreases Closer to Core?

    Good point. If Astroneer's planets are homogenous - which they certainly were, and even with 'harder' terrain the density is the same as surface dirt (i.e. your soil containers fill volumetrically the same, regardless of the terrain type) then the natural assumption is that there is no iron core like Earth's, and therefore there is no comparison to the PREM (being the Preliminary Reference EARTH Model, not Astroneers!). Certainly a constant gravitational force would be easy - I dare say it may have existed before we even had the pre-Alpha - but System Era chose to implement gravity as a function of location/altitude. Was it a gameplay choice? Maybe. Was it a reflection of actual homogenous-planet gravitational curves? Definitely. Would it inspire we players and fans to discuss, research, muse? Absolutely - And I think it's great because of this!
  2. Ben Sando

    Gravity Decreases Closer to Core?

    I can imagine your surprise! I actually REQUESTED this as a feature during Alpha - but it turns out it was already in the game anyway. And as per the discussion, this is a legitimate physics property of any gravitational body like a planet. Flashman nailed it: You know how you can simulate gravity in 2D on a trampoline, using balls that will 'orbit' around each other? This example also extends to other uses as well. Consider a ball on a trampoline - the more level it is, the less 'gravity' it has. The surface curves 'downward' as it get closer to the ball. A 'heavy ball has a 'steeper' curve which indicates the gravitational strength. But UNDERNEATH the ball, the surface curves to 'flat' or 'level' right in the middle - and it will always have one spot (regardless of the size of the ball) that is flat. You can't avoid that flat spot. It's also applies if you put a metal ring on a trampoline as well - i.e. the 2D equivalent/cross section of a hollow sphere e.g. a Dyson Sphere. The surface of your trampoline will always be 'flat' across the inside of the ring - which means that if you're inside a hollow sphere, regardless of distance from the interior surface or proximity to the centre, there will always be net zero gravity anywhere inside. But I digress...
  3. Ben Sando

    Where is the update (windows)

    So, I CAN confirm that updating to 1809 and restarting allowed Astroneer to successfuly install it's update!! 2.17Gb for the full version, on its way!
  4. Ben Sando

    Where is the update (windows)

    Just to verify for others arriving here; I too didn't have the Oct18 1809 update installed - I was only on 1803. Astroneer was saying in the store page showing my installed apps: ( ! ) ASTRONEER does not work on this device This was a small exclamation icon next to the blue Launch button in the store library page. So I manually forced a Windows update, which is currently downloading. I'll come back and confirm if the game itself updates once I restart Windows.
  5. Ben Sando

    PS4 Release?

    Well, it IS built in Unreal Engine, which is cross-platform. Also, the next build should also be compatible with more than just XBone controllers, so a PS4 controller should work natively. Is it a future possibility? Yes. While the PS4 is still the most current model (i.e. 2 years)? Very much doubt it. Do the devs have any plans/time/intent to work on it now? Nope.
  6. Ben Sando

    Re: SES VLog 22

    Damn straight! Also, 'points per minute' implies a rate at which something is happening. If that's not applicable to user actions (e.g. mining, collecting, moving = points), it could possibly imply automation of some form... say 'resources processed per minute' or similar. On the flip side, though, it isn't a diegetic interface, which also implies this is for debugging purposes and NOT for end user benefits in any form.
  7. Ben Sando

    #SpaceSnails community contributions

    Escargotoire - I laughed when I read the description of 'nursery' implying that any large group of snails together must be breeding although an 'orgy' of snails probably doesn't fit the G rating of Astroneer... I would also have thought a 'walk' of snails is really just a 'smear' (or a 'crunch' if walked upon!)
  8. Ben Sando

    #SpaceSnails community contributions

    I love it! I can just imagine - you start with a tiny snail, one hardpoint on the back of it's shell that'll let you carry it around on your backpack as it flails helplessly. You feed it an organic; it slowly grows and grows until it pops out another hardpoint - at which point you can only use a rover or similar to cart it around that has hardpoint pairs. Keep feeding it, it gets bigger and bigger - one seat, and 'organic on a stick' to move it around the countryside. Maybe this is where the food farming can come in! ...In an emergency, snail meat is quite edible... "Sorry thunder; gonna have to put you down." One block of dynamite on the back of a large snail later... Now, you collect the fresh 'meat' resource of food from the newly dug terrain crater, that you vacuum up like any other resource. To eat. Delicious. I can just imagine the herds of snails roaming the countryside and caves like buffalo; sucking up the organic, breeding and avoiding predators like mushrooms and us hungry Astroneers
  9. Ben Sando


    We have batteries if you need power overnight. If the ONLY reason is to get power quickly, then there's your answer. Print one or two large batteries per base module and you'll run out of night before running out of power using everything. There is no benefit, and LOTS of technical drawbacks to fast-forwarding time, so it's not even going to be considered for implementation by the devs.
  10. Ben Sando

    Give me a mission

    Here you go: Perform a Settlement Grand Tour of the solar system. Plant a habitat and selection of base modules on every planet. Then return with Astronium to your home base as a trophy. Hard mode: Do this ONLY using the small shuttle between each planet - so you can't stock up on excess supplies for the next leg! After researching enough for a space vehicle, this basically becomes my goal each new save until the next update, where I start again. Addressing your original query - the development roadmap on Trello definitely has dynamic encounters & story based stuff on there, it's just having to patiently wait for the devs...
  11. I'll agree with this suggestion. But it does beg the question - why was it changed? Was the tank rotated, or the backpack attachment point? I THINK it was the backpack, I'm trying to recall if the battery was rotated as well... I'm assuming it was to fix another issue OR prepare for additional content, and the current rotation was an unintended side-effect.
  12. Does this scenario happen with a lander or shuttle?? I haven't tested that yet, but because a lander can be used to spawn base pieces, I wonder if that makes any difference to this specific scenario. Once that is tested, then try adding some base modules with batteries/power nuggets; this scenario I WOULD expect your backpack to recharge. The other thing I wondered was 'excess' power that's separate from the rover battery i.e. solar or generators. If they are supplying power in excess of requirements for the rover, that will make a difference to the distribution scenario but I didn't test this either.
  13. Ben Sando

    Xboxone Coop

    To clarify - as long as you've set your home Xbox, and the second player is on their own account on that Xbox. That's how I can play with my son but having only one purchase. You can't use the same account on two devices at once (that'd also create issues with multiplayer/games getting confused with two instances of one identity!) but two separate accounts will work.