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  1. Good day, developers, I apologize in advance for my English from Russia. The problem in patch 199. Now when I launch the game I do not have a sound, I go to the settings, and there everything is at zero. Well, I change to 100 and after that I press "apply and continue", but the game closes and jumps out the error (the screenshot attached). The same problem when I try to change the screen resolution. Correct this bug, I can not play like this! Thank you.
  2. Good day, I apologize in advance for my English, I'm writing through an interpreter. I found a bug with the weather for a long time, I did not write it, as I thought that with the patches release this error will be corrected, but no. So, actually the bug itself: When I arrive at the radioactive planet and build a base there, then after returning to my native planet (earth type), the weather remains as I am on a radioactive planet. The astronaut runs slowly, holds his hand in front of him, as in the storm, the grass around wriggles like a storm. Tried to save and restart in the game, does not help. I ask you respected developers, pay attention to this problem, it becomes very uncomfortable to play. Thank you.
  3. Good day, dear developers, I suggest to add a jet pack, which became available through research and worked on the hydrazine. In addition, your choice may be to make the fuel tanks on the sides of the backpack, and engines were installed on the bottom of the backpack. This idea will be useful for studying the planet for research mountains. PS I apologize for my mistake in the earlier post, I don't know English language and use it . I'm from Russia.
  4. Yes You are right , I propose a new drawing - jetpack running on hydrazine.
  5. Ребята извините за это плохой перевод, я не знаю английский, я из России.
  6. Хорошее время, дорогие разработчики, я предлагаю, чтобы добавить в игру ранец, который был открыт с помощью исследований и топлива гидразина привык к этому. Кроме того, по вашему желанию может быть, чтобы сделать топливные баки по бокам рюкзака, и были установлены двигатели, где дно рюкзака. Эта идея будет полезна для изучения планеты, для исследования гор.