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  1. Use tethers, use beacons, or even use vehicles to not get lost. Mark or paint places which you were before, and look for these when you try to go back. Memorize sun cycle, so you can go west/east. Look at these navigation tips. They might help you, IRL or in Astroneer!
  2. The game will probably die, I think. But maybe you could measure a quarter of the terrain in one tangential direction throughout the planet, and even calculate its diameter and volume. I think you should call the maximum possible distance, not the average. The maximum distance is objective, while the "average" may vary from player to player. Also, consider the terrain. If you want to "map" the place, you should probably render something like a map. But if you wanted some statistics, mapping the whole planet is not a good idea. You may consider mapping key points, like a mountain w
  3. It would be allied to the Tutorial idea that I just discussed. Bubble popups that would imply some vague ideas about what to do next, or just a straightforward message like "enter a vehicle/seat to save the game". Or just transfer it when you click Esc. There are priorities in the road map for 1.0. This is pre-alpha, not even the first version launched. It is supposed to be broken for now. But it is GREAT to see you people talking about what you think is wrong or not. We, as a community, must build this game from our complaints and constructive criticism. It is interest
  4. Actually, the Habitat is somehow already portable, since you can carry it around. It does not get in your inventory, but it is somehow portable. The bubble is somehow something that I feel unnecessary. It would change the game-start and such. You're a bad person and you're going to hell. See you there.
  5. Oh, I think I get it. It's like building a seat in the printer, which you can remove and realocate as much as you like? So it would be actually a good idea. But its storage should be reduced to two instead of four slots, but it could make it slightly overpowered. About the mass, I can completely agree: hence its made of compound, it would be somehow intuitive to conclude it would be lightweight, instead of many other materials. To be honest, I really don't know if the game has codes for weight system, just "carriable" and "non-carriable" items. So my complaint is kind of useless in this p
  6. I think what you're referring to the "auto-detect" system. Many games usually have those, where there is a maximum and minimum spec for the device using the PC. But you gotta also consider that there's a limit to the game scaling, whic is considered as the maximum spec. It's only linear (better pc = better results) until a certain point; then it stops scaling. I don't have information about the Xbox build, but considered it would be Windows-based or something, there should be at least 1.5GB for the operational system to avoid bugs. You can't use 100% of it. As I said, the software
  7. 3 GB is a lot of RAM. The issue here is about optimization and tweaking the game engine and processing. I have reports about GPUs working only on 30% capacity, and processors having lower power being used than supposed necessary. We should remember that the game is pre-alpha, and that engine shall be tweaked. It is constructive commentary, but RAM is not the issue. Please, follow @Forgo's logic. Hence the game is closed-source there is no way we can tweak and suggest new implementations and such, so there's not much we can do, else report lag and crash issues.
  8. If you're suggesting the creation of an increased stationary storage via the menu, I strongly disagree. The vehicle bay is created for vehicles only, and not for utilities. For utilities and other storage and energy generation items, you should go to the printer. Also, having it sitting in the vehicle bay would not be very useful. It would bug ship landings, and it wouldn't make sense if we could carry by hand an Stationary Storage, but not other related-size items hanging in the ground. I suggest that there should be a node in the base, using alluminum (or one of the end-game minerals ma
  9. Oh. I thought it would be the real in-game tutorial as a mountain, not an example. So it's a good idea. The problem is the Habitat itself for this idea. The problem is that the Habitat is made to settle in the place it lands right now. It doesn't have to be a escape pod; you would just come out of the Habitat without settling it, and having it falling in the ground and such. It would be pretty neat, coming out of the Habitat falling randomly on the floor. I agree that there should be some floating messages on the game, but not the game tips for progression. Part of the game is
  10. That's a great addition. But it should be a function added with time to the terraforming tool. Researched soon enough, like a new module installed in the tool system. The harsh conditions may be of the procedurally generated game system, but the terraforming addition would be nice. Even the aplaining tool (holding Ctrl) is in need of somewhat a tweak. The allocation as a landmark is done manualy with the beacon. About the highways, just don't make them. I do think beacons should be really custom, and we could set the color, shape and dots inside the signal so we could understand differ
  11. I can't see this as a good idea. Your habitat is your escape pod, and you'd be literally forced to develop a base inside a mountain every single game. What if you skipped the tutorial? According to your idea, the game would simply be forced to be set in a mountain so the players could learn about the deforming tool, and that seems way too forced. What I do think the game need is a in-game item description. Nothing too fancy, maybe the Research facility could help. Creating items and putting them in there for the players understandment about its functionality. My adaptation to thi
  12. It can be useful and fun, the manual docking. Just consider something stage-like rather than player controlled, or even player controlled if they could make it not too complicated. Authenticity is something that I deeply value about this game, even though it is a "fantasy universe". I don't think it should be rewarded, though. It should be added just as you use the shuttle for the first time. Else, you'd had to add modules that control it, which I myself would find very annoying.
  13. Ok, let's get detailed. You want the game to have earthquakes. But I want to ask you some questions: How would that affect the player? Equilibrium, movement, base, terrain, damage? How would that affect the planet, besides what you said? If only affecting for what you said, what's the point of putting it inside the game? Could it be player-triggered? Like, tectonical plates shocking themselves or some kind of magnetic disturbance inside the planet that could be removed or reutilized? Would they have influence on some kind of Geothermal energy? Seismic
  14. I think a gravitic gradient is a GREAT idea. I do think the game actually already works like that. Gotta test going real up. But for now, space shuttle and spaceship just work in "stages". They go in stage "in orbit" and stage "landed". For those controls, it would be something that could be quite simplified. I've seen KSP before, and it is a great game of immense complexity for space driving. But I don't think Astroneer focus should be it. The controls should be added but kept simple. And the reason for the controls should be using the shuttle for internal planet mapping or research
  15. Yes, using any translator would be nice. Since there are absolutely no guidelines for english talking only (and translating functions got better from time to time), I don't see any problem. Maybe a internal translating function for the forum would be nice, but that would bring another discussion around. YES. PLEASE. It could use two slots and be attached on the expansion slots on the backpack, each strap occupying a slot. It would be fueled just like the spaceship and shuttle, inserting Hydrazine on a dedicated slot for it. It could work for solid 30 seconds. And the reason I