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  1. Terito!

    "153+154" - April 21, 2017

    I've just installed the experimental, not checked yet. Any word of disappearing research? I loaded an old save in 153 (my most played) and now I can't print most things. Things I already have. I cant print a new habitat to start a new base to find new research. IMHO. Old saves should be given all plans. So old games become test areas for new things to build.
  2. Co-op game. Steam. V119 Reproducible. As a client of my friends game, I initiate research I can see the holo-roulette play out No new research display/pop-up. Instead the host confirms via voice chat Possible alt issue: New research from separate planet (me/client) to home planet (host) did not return new research (no pop-up shown). didn't check if new research had occurred (was late). Have not reproduced.
  3. Terito!

    Where is my base? Lost when driving far away.

    I was lost, not too far from base. To find it I built a column under myself (raised the ground) until I could see the home icon. Then dug my way back down.
  4. I've had the same issue. 1st noticed it on game load. Tank was in top left of backpack (as above). Steam v119
  5. Terito!

    Trade post Multiplayer

    Good idea. Would be handy in single player. i.e. send/request supplies from base A to be sent to base B. Save flying back and forth to kick-start new settlements.