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  1. Capt_Schwank

    "125" - February 16th, 2017

    yo playas, where them new patch is at?!
  2. Capt_Schwank

    Spaceship Can Only Be One Base At A Time?

    That makes sense, I've seen that in the Challenges. I think they should fix it. Or limit it in some other way, if the intent is to limit it.
  3. Hi. It seems that once I use my Spaceship with Resin as a connector to form a base, that I can no longer build out from that Spaceship, even if I relocate it to another area/planet. Is that right or am I doing something wrong? It's like if I go to a new planet, use the Ship as a base, then try to bring that to a new planet, I can't use it as a base again. I hope that's clear. Thanks
  4. Capt_Schwank

    IDEA: Conduits for Connecting Small and Large Platforms

    +1 yes I would like to connect things as you say here
  5. Capt_Schwank

    Color of aluminum and copper

    +1, they look different in the pack but in the light they look too similar. They should make Copper more "Orangey" and Aluminum more "Blue"
  6. Capt_Schwank

    Vehicles Flipped

    I watched the dev stream.. the Ground is not spawning in time to catch the vehicle. The vehicle falls a bit through the floor. Then the engine exerts opposing force on the vehicle, that is the flipping.
  7. Capt_Schwank

    Vehicle Bay bug

    Yes, it wouldn't let me make it. I forgot what else I wanted to try to see if I could again interact with the object.
  8. Capt_Schwank

    Vehicles Flipped

    Hi the vehicles were flipped upon Shuttling back to this base.
  9. Capt_Schwank

    Vehicle Bay bug

    Here are the screenshots, explained 1) I took the Storage w/ Copper like this and moved it to the Vehicle Bay, which was selected to build a Crane 2) Put it down like this and the Copper moves to the VB. Cursor is selected over the Copper 3) Here is the Bugged Copper, my Cursor is selected over it, but it does not turn blue circle, you can't move it. If you turn it off Crane, it moves to the storage area. 4) I could transfer it to this Storage and remove it from the Vehicle Bay, maybe this isn't just a VB bug but a Storage. I attached it to the Furnace but I still can't interact with the Copper, the Copper is frozen. My cursor is over it in the fourth shot.
  10. Capt_Schwank

    [Merged] Trapped In Habitat

    Nice I am backing them up now. That worked, thanks. Check this out, damn thing is baiting me to get in there and ruin my new save. And then another shot where it's on the Shuttle, poised to strike.
  11. Capt_Schwank

    Vehicle Bay bug

    Hi there, I've discovered a bug on the Vehicle Bay. Here is how it happened: I built a truck. I placed a 1-Seat from the Printer on the truck. I went to make a Crane attachment. To apply the copper, I placed 1x copper from my Pack. I then took the STORAGE tray off my Smelter, which had a copper on it. I placed the Storage tray onto the Vehicle bay's left side slots. It then glitched the Copper. Usually it should accept the Copper but it caused this bug. What happens is the Copper remains in a slot on the Vehicle Bay, but it does not register as being there to make the recipe. And you can't click it to remove it. The game knows it's there, but the interaction is bugged so it can't be rectified. You can see the blue circle highlight around it, but that is as much as it will respond. So you can't make anything further from that particular Vehicle Bay, due to the bug. I will attach a screenshot later, I think I saved one.
  12. Capt_Schwank

    Fix lag and bugs before adding anything else

    I find that it is the Tethers that are contributing to Lag/FPS drop for me. I now try to actually pick them back up now, when I don't need them in an area anymore. This helps. But like you shouldn't need to "tidy up" your area. I'm hopeful it will be further optimized in another patch.
  13. Capt_Schwank

    Driving Tweaks

    +1, its the "in relation to the camera cursor" part that sucks and make it seems so imprecise. This is most acutely noticed when trying to parallel park yourself to "gas up" at the base, or to hook into one of those huge-arsed solar panel thingies. Just gimme that tried and true WASD action.
  14. Capt_Schwank

    Reliable means of Navigation

    I like the idea of Altimeter. That would be cool to see your elevation when you go down into caves. Not sure how useful it is, but definitely a cool 'statistic' to have on a Pop-Up Advanced HUD of some sort. I do like the idea that you need to use the Compass. No one is smoking more reefer than I am, and I totally understand getting carried away and then lost.. But you just got to pay attention which direction you are wandering off in! That feeling of "Oh No... I think it was this way back?" is really a cool feeling that makes the world seem larger than it is. An ounce of preparation! Idea --- Allow the placement of SIGNPOSTS. Allow for the player to type in the text on the Sign. This way as you place beacons or make roads, you can place signs that will tell you where things are and explains. This could allow for intersections. "THIS WAY TO BASE B", etc. etc. It would be a lot better looking than using the Terrain tool to make arrows.
  15. Capt_Schwank

    Jetpack and hydrazine

    +1 Jetpack sounds sweet and fun to play with.