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  1. First off I want to say I love Astroneer, I got it for my siblings to play and we all love it. The biggist issue we have come across is our saved games have become unplayable. This means after about five hours into a game or after one save, the game becomes so laggy and slow it bearly functions and ultimately crashes. This happens in both single and multyplayer games. This issue makes every world useless and we have to start all over again, only to have this issue come up again. It becomes very frusterating when we have put time and effort into each save only to have to start all over, again and again. In multyplayer, after about an hour the entire game is unplayable. It starts with the person who initiated the game on their Xbox One console, then slowly each player is effected. Again my siblings and I truly love this game, it has become an avenue for the three of us to spend time together. Hope this feedback helps out. Ps: We all played on XboxOne. But I also tryed to load a saved game on my computer in Windows 10 to see if there was a diffrence, but I came up with the same result.