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    How to make dihydrazine

    I'm fairly sure they do, they have double the burn time when you put them on a thruster (25 secs as opposed to 12.5 secs roughly)
  2. samnrad

    How to make dihydrazine

    Reloading your save should fix this problem
  3. samnrad

    How to make dihydrazine

    Just a note, Jellybean_ tested it in the current version and it works there too
  4. samnrad

    Ideas for New Planets, Moons, etc.

    I know new planets are being worked on (this image was from a single frame from one of the gifs on the astroneer twitter) and considering they have plans to work on lore, the alien planet will likely come first.
  5. I'm very interested in the automation aspect of Astroneer. I'm thinking a bore that could automatically collect resources, or a tunneler that could automatically dig caves for you. Some art below (I did not make this, pulled it from /r/astroneer) It would have to be mounted on a tier 3 vehicle of some sorts (maybe a tank?) Anyways, just one of the ideas I had in my head.
  6. People will get around this by using a hab as a seat.
  7. One of the things I'd like to see is a permanent drill that can be constructed around the resource spires (resin, compound, oxygen and power) This would be really cool because then it would function as a steady stream of resources (keep in mind spires regenerate incredibly slow, using fuel condensers would be still be far easier and thus not making it overpowered.)