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  1. super_stewie

    How do i reset my Game? & Game Tutorial

    I have the same question. I've been digging around and haven't found a way yet.
  2. super_stewie

    Problem With The Forum

    So this is not the right place to post this, which brings me to my first point: The forum should have a forum bug/issue reporting subforum. The actual reason that I'm here though is because I'm unable to see/use the reply response (like, dislike, whatever) feature of the forum, but I have seen that people are liking replies to threads. Am I missing something or is this an actual issue? EDIT:: The button is white on a white background. Hence why I couldn't see it. My new problem is that the post reaction button(s) are white on a white background.
  3. super_stewie

    Potential For Farming

    Apparently it's already on the roadmap. I would have done good to read that before posting this.
  4. super_stewie

    Potential For Farming

    The idea is specifically to allow the farming of organics in a structured way, and potentially the eventual creation of farming equipment and tools. The idea stems from the generator, which eats organic nuggets to produce power, and the fact that organic nuggets must come from plants around the world. This gives rise to the idea that farming organics would add a level of depth, realism, and usefulness to the game. I still believe that organics should spawn naturally in the world, as they do now. However, there is not a whole lot of "structured" gameplay in Astroneer. This could help to attract new and different audiences or "seal the deal" for those on the fence about getting the game. And besides, sometimes you just don't want to have to go on a long journey just to get some organic nuggets.