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  1. dragonspit999

    Parking Brakes

    +1. Would love to see the crane attachment come with supports as such.
  2. dragonspit999

    Marker/beacon bugs

    I always just thought this was another floating spaceship, and that future manual flight controls would let us go to explore it. Finally, me and my father just decided it was the space station we came from, from the menu, the same one we send the trade shuttle to. Does anyone know what it's actually supposed to be?
  3. dragonspit999

    [Bug] Materials lost at smelter

    +1. It only really hurts the first time, then you learn, but it should be fixed whenever the little bit of free time can be spent on it, in my opinion. Not broken, but would be nice.
  4. dragonspit999

    Found the Center!

    So, being the curious one about things, I decided that after playing one whole save where I made all the vehicles and checked out all the current planets and researched all of the things and even had a sustainable source of every usable material (Fuel Condensers and Trade Platforms, takes the fun away a bit) AND doing it all again... I decided. It was time. Gathering the compound needed for as many tethers as needed, I was bound to dig a hole to the center of the Terran planet, using tethers to sustain oxygen and simply waiting on power (as once you get too far down, it just kinda stops traveling to you. Not sure why...). My discoveries as I came across them: - Gravity gets lower as you go down. I started to debate the reality of this in my head, and I could see it both ways, so I have no clue. Any ideas there? - There is AT LEAST one asteroid in the ground, or some kind of rock, with astronium. Probably just another unused thing for now, but very cool. Makes me sad that a bunch of it sticks to the rock and therefore requires drill. (I think, I haven't actually tried, can drills get the ore out of rocks and break rocks and stuff?) - Last but not least, the center. The center was interesting, to say the least. When you get there, you begin to notice the hole curving. Then you begin doubting yourself, saying your just being dumb and not digging straight, but then you look down and see the hole you just dug all the way down. That's where the realization kicks in, that you just did it. It has been accomplished. After playing with it a bit and ending up dying, the next discovery was how to make it down the hole safely, albeit taking nearly the same amount of time as it did to dig which was a while. This safe pathway is to make a seat, let go of it over the hole, and quickly hop in the chair. Not being attached to a vehicle, the chair will never spit you out unwillingly, and while the tethers do count as platforms if on the wall (sometimes a savior, sometimes painful), it does slow the progress down. (When you get that low and gravity gets low, every bump takes exponentially longer to recover from. After you actually hit the center, though, the only real way to kill yourself is to suffocate by picking up all the nearby tethers. So, thoughts, comments, concerns, other experiences?
  5. dragonspit999

    Size choice of the beam (xb1)

    I also vastly approve of this idea, especially after trying to make a remotely flat-sided (inside and out) garage, I realized the difficulty of making holes in the adjacent walls or floor when using the smoother tool.
  6. Mouse/keyboard? Controller? Steam? Xbox? What were you doing leading up to this bug? Any steps that we can take to reproduce the bug on our end is appreciated. 1. Xbox One Controller 2. Xbox One 3. Exploring caves or other areas with Artifacts attached to flora. 4. Just walk around in a cave, or even aboveground sometimes, with the big pillar looking rocks that grow Artifacts underneath them. Albeit a helpful bug sometimes, I feel someone needs to bring it up. Sometimes, (probably about half the time since I've noticed it) you can manage to grab and remove an Artifact from underneath a plant or rock without digging at all. I'm not sure what causes this, or if you even want to fix it, but there it is.
  7. dragonspit999

    Tethers Randomly Disconnecting

    Mouse/keyboard? Controller? Steam? Xbox? What were you doing leading up to this bug? Any steps that we can take to reproduce the bug on our end is appreciated. 1. I use an Xbox One controller. (Speaking of which, the control scheme isn't great. You get used to it, but it just feels very unintuitive and hard to handle with joysticks.) 2. Xbox One, Game Preview, GT: dragonspit999 3. Anything really, but usually adventuring out away from my base. (At least, that's when the effects cause you to notice it.) 4. None that I know of, no, besides stretching tethers out, and then wandering around. The bug generally just consists of exploring, and then noticing a lack of oxygen. However, on return to your tethers, you notice they are black and not conveying oxygen. If you don't die and make it back, usually there's one missing link, but it is close enough to both ends, as it was fine for a while. A simply fix is picking it up and placing it back down in exactly the same spot, but with long lines of tethers, it can cause deaths often.
  8. dragonspit999

    Falling through map / Tether disappearing

    I also play on Xbox One, and have noticed both of these issues quite often. The first issue with falling through the ground is it is easily triggered when you accidentally create too small of a space for your Astroneer, such as by making an emergency hole from a storm. (In which case, I floated through the ground, hit the surface, and got killed by rocks immediately.) The other issue I have no clue about why it happens, but it has become easy to avoid. However, it is a bug that would cause much relief when fixed, as switching where tethers go requires a lot more walking or just forgetting about it and making more, which leads to wasted tethers and tethers everywhere.