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    Incoherent saving

    Yeah, the going to menu first doesn't seem to change much for this bug. I have attempted to watch the disk i/o to see when it is done saving, but that doesn't seem to be a good indicator. It would be really helpful to know the location where it saves the file so that I can check for an updated modified time to validate whether it has saved or not.
  2. AWRootBeerFloat

    Incoherent saving

    Windows 10 - Windows Store version I have been encountering the same behavior in recent days. Sometimes it doesn't save any progress even after several hours of play, including enter/exit rovers, habitat, shuttles, etc. Most recent save captured the initial vehicle entry, but not the 2-3 enter/exit nor the save after entering habitat prior to exit. Wait for save dialog to disappear then wait a time. I always choose to exit to menu, as past versions failed to save when exiting straight to desktop.
  3. AWRootBeerFloat

    Winch bug

    119 - Win10 - single player - octopus winch bug This occurred for me as well. I was attempting to move a large solar panel around using the winch. Appeared to occur when I attempted to attach the winch end to the long structural beam on the piece. I was intent on my task, using the winch on trucks & crane as well as holding the which with the cursor. Don't recall the last action prior to the birth of the octopus. Thanks again for a great game Side suggestion: Would be really awesome to be able to release the winch while in the crane. Really whips things around when you get out of the crane.
  4. 119 - xbox - crashes when nearing home base after long voyages Fairly new save, only a few buildings at base. Vehicle bay, research, smelter. Built a rover & did some exploring away from my base. Became lost. When wandering around in rover attempting to find base, shortly after seeing home base beacon, game started stuttering audio, then crashed. Approx 5 -10 minutes of rover driving in more or less the same direction prior to crash generally keeping speed up. On a side note don't listen to those that want to have maps or radar or other ways of making it easier to find your home base, the difficulty is refreshing. Would be nice to have ability to change the symbol on your beacons so you can recognize them though. Maybe animals or something.
  5. 119 - xbox - invisible rock stuck under truck Was clearing rocks near my base by mining under them & letting them fall a few feet so they break up/disappear. As far as I recall, I did this to a rock that was under/near the truck. When I got in the truck to drive off, it wouldn't go forward, as if it were encountering a rock. I found that I could drive in reverse and side to side, similar to the behavior when you attempt to drive over a visible rock. No rock was visible under the truck. When I would get out of the truck, it would bounce up a foot like it does when you park on a rock. I attempted to roll the truck into a ditch & dig under it, to no avail. Unfortunately I don't recall how I was able to get rid of the invisible rock, pre forum membership, but I was able to. Will see if I can repro
  6. 119 - Xbox - See through cracks on surface, multi w/pc exacerbates Issue seen on xbox when game is hosted on pc. Same issue not seen on PC screen while visible on xbox screen. Rarely occurs when playing single player on xbox. As a few mentioned in the broken planet thread, terraforming actions cover/repair the see through crack. (meowster/butterflug) Seems to show the next visible areas below the surface terrain. Also, frequently xbox player will respawn just below surface level after death, causing character to drift/sink below surface. If character doesn't encounter a cave below, after 10-20 sec will drift back almost to surface, head & shoulders showing above ground. Have to dig a little around character in order to get above surface at that point. These issues appear to be related to the depth/altitude getting out of sync
  7. 119 - Xbox - Audio echo/repeat after reconnecting to tether line When reconnecting to tether line, audio repeats/echoes over itself for 5 -10 seconds. Just started after several hours of gameplay on a particular save. So far, has only happened on one savegame. Almost as if audio event for reconnect is being triggered for multiple tether lines at about same time. Will comment if it happens in another save.
  8. AWRootBeerFloat

    Where is my base? Lost when driving far away.

    With the planets being so small, took about 2 -3 hours of game play to circumnavigate in a not so straight line. Frustrating for sure, but learned to drop beacons on landmarks. I like the difficulty, keeps it from just being a simple farming operation