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  1. I just recently purchased Astroneer (and its far better than I could have imagined!) though playing the game has been fairly difficult since it seems there is some sort of issue where the game does not always save. At first, I thought I had simply messed up and not actually saved but now its happening much more often and I'm quite sure its a bug of some sort since it doesn't always occur. Basically, what happens is I've saved the game (sometimes more than once, at varying times throughout my play session or multiple times when I'm about to turn off the game because I'm afraid it didn't save properly the first time), quit to the main menu and, once there, shut off my console. Usually, but not always, the game doesn't save. Again, this is on Xbox One. I really hope there's some way I can either avoid this that you guys know of or an easy fix! Love the game but its a little sad when I do a lot just to find none of my progress mattered.