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  1. jimbenninger

    Calidor node bug

    After enabling the core the odd stone did not show the surface node that I had enabled. All nodes except the space node were dim.
  2. jimbenninger

    Game Freeze

    I am having numerous freezes especially when digging. Pc using test flight.
  3. jimbenninger

    Extra Large Shredder

    I think the extra large shredder should be able to shred base platforms.
  4. jimbenninger

    1.07 bugs

    Major game keyboard freezes today. Also tether lines are disappearing. Tethers still work but blue line is gone. None of these problems before 1.07
  5. jimbenninger

    1.07 bugs

    old bug of keyboard freezing. Also can’t hand carry research item anymore.
  6. jimbenninger


    I can be so stupid sometimes. No power hooked up!
  7. jimbenninger


    The research chamber is not working since the terrain update. Just sits there and clicks.
  8. jimbenninger update

    When does release on steam?
  9. jimbenninger

    How to make Titanium?

    I’m going to try that later today.
  10. jimbenninger

    How to make Titanium?

    How do I make Titanium? What do I put the ores in?
  11. jimbenninger

    Research in tutorial won’t work

    Figured it out myself this morning but thanks for the replies
  12. Pc keyboard and mouse. Original piece of research worked but next piece would not. Button to push in research won’t respond. Power is going in but doesn’t start because button won’t work.
  13. jimbenninger

    Entering rover

    Also the game is really glitchy after this latest update. Opening backpack doesn’t always work and even w key stops working.
  14. jimbenninger

    Entering rover

    I can’t get into my rover. Says hit E but all I get is my excavation tool.
  15. jimbenninger

    Mediom Fabricator

    Yep needed a large platform. I was using medium platform.