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  1. I don't know exactly what's going on but it seems the community is out for blood. I'm still going to be involved in the forum but I'll just be passively observing for now. Just a precaution untill the sandstorm move away lol. Still good game.
  2. I don't have anything to say that's relevant other than I like it.
  3. I have so many questions like: how do I make hydrazine explode, what are you referring to when you say "medium" and "large" rovers, what exactly is in the game in terms of collectables from crash sites and what are their uses, is there a way for me to share Xbox captures with the Devs so I can show them what's wrong. I would like answers please. Still love the game one bug fixes will do wonders for it in the near future until more content is added to mess everything up again lol. Seriously though I want answers.
  4. HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BOY do I have some glitches for you! Where should I go to share my findings and do any of the game debts have an Xbox account I could use to share the videos?
  5. This is what I get for ignoring the forum for too long, I've missed 4 other updates. Now it's gonna take me a decade to update the game. Luckily my download speed is quite good so it might only take a year lol.
  6. Hey guys, sorry I've been out for a while but I do plan on getting involved into the community more. I'm also planing on streaming the ga e on Beam so if anyone is interested in either watching or being apart of the stream in-game pm me and let me know. Edit: also I love the performance enhancements, my game runs smoother however the ground doesn't dig like it used to. It's almost like the ground is having the lag problem instead of the FPS.
  7. I've seen the heat freak out when holding/carrying anything so I wouldn't be surprised if the head is even more glitches now. I usually ignore it and move on sense it's just a minor, non-game breaking glitch.
  8. Any new news, glitches, interesting uses of tools it's getting quiet in here
  9. I'm thinking that if you research all the available items on a single planet that is not earth the "artifacts" as you call them still disappear. I was on barren and I got the same effect. If you could tell me which planet you were on when this occurred that might help prove my theory.
  10. Я бы предположил, что исправления для несовершеннолетних клиентов или ошибок видят, как никто не знает, что он сделал.
  11. Coming soon to a system near you. I heard there might be a delay with this one so we're gonna have to stay patient with this one.
  12. So remember how the developers stated in this patch that if you were to get all of the research that the pods would start dropping resources instead of just disappearing. Well apparently that doesn't apply to barren as seen in the video I took here: please share this with anyone who can help get this fixed.
  13. I've had problem number one but I never said anything about it. I thought I could fix it but I couldn't and moved on so I forgot about it. That could get annoying if you (a player of the game not talking to anyone in particular) like to stockpile energy/oxygen. An easy fix for number two is make sure every available space on your base has a storage on it unless you want to want to keep those spaces open for whatever, in which case build vehicle storage units and then put item storages on it.
  14. @Devilcraft did I do good trying to explain? I just wana make sure that if I respond to more Russians in the future that they will have an ok time reading and understanding. Thanks for any help you can give.
  15. Пожалуйста, обратите внимание, я использую Google Translate. вы находитесь на новом форуме патч прямо сейчас. они не будут, вероятно, выйдет с одним в течение нескольких недель до Mabey через месяц.