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    Can only print 2 items

    Tethers were the very first thing I made in the game. Then a generator. You have to have power to see what the printer can make. Once it's powered I can see it will make a seat for a vehicle and a solar panel. That's all it will make though. I have researched 3 additional items but they are not options. What is this tutorial on the backpack? I don't see anything like that.
  2. My default items to print on the medium printer are 1-seat and solar panel. That's it. That doesn't seem like a correct starting group of items. Also, even after researching several new items there are still just those 2 items available on the printer.
  3. Rburn99

    suicide button

    If you print a habitat and get in it and quit you will still be in it after restarting.
  4. Rburn99

    suicide button

    Please give us a way to kill ourselves! It doesn't look the habitat bug is being worked on and there are a LOT of us with games we can no longer play because the game allowed us to get into an undeployed habitat but not get out (tab should not be enabled before a habitat is deployed). If we could die we could respawn. Please give us a way to die. Even if it's just a small exe or something to patch our health stat in our save game or something. Either or... let us get out of our habitats or let us respawn at our base.
  5. Rburn99

    [Merged] Trapped In Habitat

    It took me days to get this base totally enclosed and smoothed out (it's a lot of trial and error to get the leveling tool exactly on an axis) I even have a finished basement But... I am now stuck in this decorative habitat and can't continue my game. I'm not really feeling it starting from scratch again to get back to this point.
  6. Rburn99

    cannot log in to my game .. usually

    Okay I found the post about saving, transferring, and deleting, games. I moved them all out and put them back one by one until I found the one I want. And it loads every time now. But.. I still start out in that habitat I crafted and the door is still closed and I still can't get out. So I still can't play my game. Not sure if I should start another thread now that the problem has changed... or maybe it's related. I don't know. I would like to be able to play my game though
  7. I have 4 games and it just started happening a couple days ago where the saves have gotten mixed up. At least I thought that is what happened. My game in slot 3 (3rd from the right) is my current main game (I tried to accomplish what I wanted in a new game in slot 4 but because you cannot control the node positions when you put resin on them it didn't work out, so I went back to 3 and made it work) But the next time I tried to load that game in slot 3 I got one of my others. I quit back to the main screen and tried again. Still not the right one. I started trying them all. I got it to finally load the correct game when I chose slot 1 and I played it for a while and saved a few times in a row before quitting. I just now started the game up again today and chose slot 1 and got one of the other saves. I quit to the main screen and chose slot 1 again and got a different, but still wrong, game loaded. So it's all whacked. I tried slot 2 and got my slot 3 game to load! But... it started with me in a habitat I have made but haven't used yet, with the door closed, and I couldn't get out Back to the main screen again and it was back to roulette on which game was going to load. So basically I can't play my game (at least the one I want to play.. with the most work done in it).
  8. I like underground bases. My base is completely enclosed with solar panels and wind turbines on the surface. I agree it's weird to see the the trade ship go through the ceiling but rather than say no bases underground you could make the trade ship teleport ... dematerialize/dissolve and materialize. The shuttle or spaceship though... thinking...
  9. I'm sure this has been mentioned but... We should be able to position nodes instead of having them giving you an idea of the direction and then moving to a final position uncontrolled when you plop a resin on them. For example I spent a very long time prepping an area for a base only to have the first 2 nodes I tried to put out not go where I wanted vertically. Plans ruined. And to be able to delete stations and nodes to allow for growth or changing your layout.
  10. Rburn99

    Using a chair, fly anywhere on the map.

    As soon as I read this one I went and tried it. It works in single player also! But.. a word of caution to anyone trying this, I soon found myself far (and I mean far ) from my base. After flying around the world for a while I thought I would just exit without triggering a save but when I restarted I found myself somewhere on the planet, standing next to the seat and using up oxygen. It seemed to be harder to time it right to trigger the bug when the seat is on the ground as opposed to on a vehicle but maybe that was just panic mode lol. But I made it back into the seat before suffocating. Then it was a LOT of flying around at cloud height trying to find the base again.
  11. This isn't a bad bug but it can be annoying. I keep resources in shallow pits. When I get a significant amount (25 or so) where the resource doesn't fall onto the others but is touching them when released there is a good chance the contact 'clicking' sound will get stuck and continue clicking, like a loud clock. Taking them out one by one will fix it. As soon as you pick up the resource that is stuck clicking it will stop clicking. I can keep it from happening by making sure the resource is positioned in such a way that the resource falls onto the others instead of already touching the others when released. So far this has only happened to compound and resin but then I haven't piled up a significant amount of the others. (v119)