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  1. After 3 hrs of playing here is what I have learned so far. Some has probably been cover by others, for this I am truly sorry for repeating. And for someone who learned the hard way and lost their base. 1. Dig a shallow tunnel close to base - Helps when storms come in. Especially when you're not near you Habitat or Vehicle. (Tunnel under your base if, you need too.) 2. LT on "yo'self" - Compass! lifesaver at times. 3. If venturing a far - Beacons! plant them, venture, once the most recent one hits the horizon - plant another. *make sure you have compound or harvest it * 4. When venturing at the start - tether the s**t! remember you can always pick the tethers back up. 5. Solar panels... 6. Trains - 3 is the magic number to start with. What I have ended up doing. Trunk for my main drive, trunk with large storage, then 'blank' rover carts attached but one with a seat at the end. Means I can drive into caves straight and makes it easier to leave said cave. 7. Hear wind? LOOK AROUND! you may not need to duck for cover! If it looks like it is heading your direction, DIG A HOLE or HIDE! However, your vehicle will protect you if out and about. 8. If you have a train, gather your tethers and plant them on there or your backpack. This saves you creating more but compound is as common as muck, literally. 9. Power or Oxygen in caves, you say? COLLECT IT! it will be stored and automatically be used before your main supply of power and oxygen*without tethering*. 10. Aliens Trees - Look up at them! From what I have seen so far, they have 'unknown' pods on them. However, depending on the camera(angle on the xbox) you should be able to grab them with ease. ***You will need a Research lab*** I hope this helps newcomers to Astroneer on the xbox one. I look forward to any feedback and new tips and hints.