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  1. This should be BLUE PRIORITY. I am experiencing this problem as well. the lag gets worse for the host the longer the game goes on. by the time we built a base on arid the frame rate dropped to around 10 fps and the game crashed anytime someone got into a vehicle, me or my buddy. this is with only one person besides myself.
  2. This ramp had to be built past the atmosphere to initiate the trucks fall. this last picture shows the truck on the right. no, we did not build a ramp to drive it into space. this is one of 3 vehicles that are stuck up there in different parts of the planet. I hope this helps you guys fix it. until then, the truck or rover has to be driven slower than walking speed or it will happen again.
  3. On Xbox one, while driving the truck or rover (happened multiple times to both vehicles) in multiplayer, they launch into space if you hit a rock or jagged edge too hard. on my friends screen, the truck fell into the planet. on my screen, I was launched into space. later we noticed the way point in space, it was not moving, we built a ramp to space to get it back. once we got close to it, it began to fall. I have pictures demonstrating this. once we retrieved the truck, it began freaking out whenever we tried to drive it, spinning, flipping, and showed the wheels coming off.