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  1. This is the best list of suggestions that I have seen yet. Nice work. I think it would be unfortunate to entirely discount any chance for the inclusion of weapons (say lazer pistols) in the game. I loved the first six hours that I spent in this game, but let's face it. The replay value drops quickly when there is nothing left to research and/or no new blueprints to discover. The inclusion of hostile alien races or indigenous dangerous species would quickly escalate the need for things like protective base mods (like energy shields). Additionally, there would be a need for research into protect
  2. My son and I both play this game, often one after the other. It is sometimes hard to tell who's game is who's. An ability to name our saves could easily fix this. There is also a chance at this point in the game's development to get stuck with a corrupted save file that erases hours of work. Again, a named save option could alleviate this, especially on PC.
  3. I agree 100%. I'm sure this is just an alpha bug or oversight. My ten year old 5th grade son even noticed this. "Why don't the wind turbines turn during a storm?" He asked. It would seem that every turbines should be churning during a wind driven storm.
  4. There seems to be a discrepancy/glitch with the vehicle bays in the game. The problem occurs whenever you have multiple vehicles. The creation of one vehicle can destroy a previous vehicle, or render one of them unuseable. I have had shuttles buried under spaceships, and rovers or trucks that seem to disappear at random. This is very frustrating when you have worked so hard to make one, and/or you have worked to fill one up with resources. One simple solution to this would be to create garages, and relabel the bays as manufacturing plants. These garages could start simple, say ho
  5. Excellent ideas, Karwowski. I am especially with you on the teleporter idea. Teleporters would open up a whole new line of extensive research. A small teleporter could be used to move resources or research pods from one base to another. A large teleporter could be used to move vehicles from Base A to Base B. A personnel teleporter could be used to move players. For the sake of balancing and added replay-ability, all of these upgrades could be tied to new blueprints and rare resources or new artifacts. There could even be a second more intensive tier of research and development for interplanet
  6. I agree that aliens need to be in this game. They are one of the most interesting things to place in a space game. It could simply start with some alien saucer sightings. These would be awesome if they started out as rare but mysterious lights, then became actually ship sightings, and maybe an eventual alien sighting. There is definitely room in the game for the discovery of ancient alien artifacts. Would it really be so hard to build in a laser pistol, and an occasional alien shoot out? Who doesn't want to crisp up some aliens? Maybe the developers could add in Planet X somewhere in the outer
  7. Alright Guys, Astroneer is an awesome game with an unstoppable expandable concept. The backpack is an integral part of the game. Vehicles are arguably one of the most fun concepts in the game. Let's get the two ideas together. That's right, jetpacks! The open world and incredible art design seem perfect for this. Who doesn't want to jetpack right up into those beautiful cloud formations? Who wouldn't like to rocket from one settlement to the next? Who doesn't want to brag to their friends that they jumped over a sandstorm? I'd love to see that on YouTube. You know you want it! Astroneer could