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    Spawn after death. Stuck under Space ship.

    Managed to get free while I was posting this bug. Apparently sitting still long enough will eventually cause things to right themselves. I was stuck in a falling animation while under the space ship. Quite like when you fall into the planet in the "void". Still would be nice to be spawned back into the habitat instead of the Spaceship though. Love your game!
  2. I had recently traveled to Tundra to set up a new base. Went to explore a cave, and died. When I spawned back into the game, I was placed underneath of my space ship and halfway clipped into the ground. Nothing I did would dislodge me from the ground, and the game saved when I re-spawned so I'm kind of at a loss with this save. I listened to the stream that was posted to YouTube the other day, so I am guessing it has something to do with the way the terrain, and objects are loaded during a spawn. I'm just not sure why I did not spawn into the habitat that I had already set up instead of the Space Ship. I took a screenshot.