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  1. DaPhuuLz

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    while it was quite hilarious. it's the most troublesome when trying to move.
  2. DaPhuuLz

    Steam Beta Branch Patch notes

    i dunno what they change but the latest one works really well for me.
  3. Today Beta Patch, I start a new game as usual. i play for a few hours and Seeing some improvements in FPS when i visit to other planets. The FPS seems stable when doing things on other planet compare to what it was before (30 fps when visit 1 other planet then 20fps when visit another). Now i get mostly 60fps while doing activities on other planet. Except that on my starting planet i sometimes get drop to 40 FPS (when face the camera in a certain direction) because there are huge Cavern network underneath my base. overall i'm greatly satisfied with the improvements. Good Job! Ps. maybe we could have Beta discussion in the forum. so we can discuss beta stuffs there and not confuse everyone who's not on beta build.
  4. DaPhuuLz

    [Merged] Data point on Tether Issue

    Yeah. Right now I keep starting a new game when the FPS is below 20. still a lot of fun. Try something new each game BTW. that Exotic planet always destroy my FPS when i landed in the forest. i leave my starter planet at 62 fps and landed on Exotic planet with 27fps.
  5. i had the connection (O2 and power) problem sometime after loading the save game. like when i use a Truck with Wind turbine and Solar panel to generate power for my base via tether. it was working before i quit the game. when i came back and load the game. it doesn't work anymore. i tried to change tether and move the truck in and out. still doesn't work. also i build my base in the dry river (the game just put my habitat there) so i cover it with Roof. Moving the truck down and connect it to the platform directly might work but i cannot be sure since there's no wind or sunlight in my base. In another game. I build a hub connector that branch to 4 platform then i accidentally put Resin on that hub. and it become a platform the power cannot distribute pass that hub platform.
  6. DaPhuuLz

    The Exchange platform "breaks" the game

    it doesn't give very rare resource like Astronium iirc. TBH i love the trade platform right now, Because i don't have to enter the cave much. If my cave have too many Copper I can just trade them for Aluminium. With that said I still Explore a lot. until the Framerate fall below 20 then i start the new game and do it all over again.
  7. yes, if i recall correctly i noticed it start bouncing after the first large storage was built on the front slots of the truck. (when it was build behind the 1-seat there was no bouncing. it was on the my other savegame, though)
  8. I found the same bug in one of my save game. the item has really weird Scale too (visually). they appear in various sizes Some are huge until i click and move them around then they turn back to normal size.
  9. DaPhuuLz

    Vehicles are Really buggy

    oh yeah.. i think when you Load the saved game that has Un-deploy Habitat. the Habitat will deploy by itself. for me, a lot of things go wrong when Load the game.
  10. yeah.. happend to me too. so i use the storage to store things now. but still kind of buggy. http://imgur.com/a/hJaN0
  11. I didn't get the research pods yet but my problem might be related to this. I made a Container Module (Truck + 2 Large Storage + 8 standard Storage) and it won't stop bouncing around. http://imgur.com/a/hJaN0 Here is the Gif. PS. It's not the wind that knock them around. they just bounce around -all the time-. maybe some collision in itself?
  12. DaPhuuLz

    [Merged] Data point on Tether Issue

    No. i'm prettry sure it's not the Tether. Now i'm testing a 0 Tether playthrough and will report here (in edit). [Edit:] I've gone and done it. 0 Tether. - i started a new game. Landed and have a pleasant 60 fps experience. - running back and forth between the base and rasin / compound nodes. - expand the base. By the end of the session i thin i've build Smelter, Printer, Vehicle Bay, Research platform and 6 more connector platforms. - go to cave. Apparently the planet i'm on has a huge network of caves so i went in there with some Filter (dunno if it help or not) then start running through caves and use only available O2 in the cave (there are tons of those) , i keep going and going collecting some aluminium and copper a few other run keep going further and further. - by the end of the session (about 40 minutes) the game get around 33 fps on average. which is (getting lower) quicker than the first run that i use tons of tether. maybe it's because i didn't rush through the map on the first run. no Tether were created in this session.
  13. DaPhuuLz

    [Merged] Data point on Tether Issue

    No. i'm prettry sure it's not the Tether. Now i'm testing a 0 Tether playthrough and will report here (in edit).
  14. DaPhuuLz

    [Merged] Data point on Tether Issue

    Well. my System Temperatures are fine. The Low FPS seems to attatch to the save file. For example when i Load the game that have explore many planets it get very low FPS. then when i load the game that didn't go very far it is constantly 60 fps as long as i didn't explore too much.
  15. When i start a new game everything runs fine on 60FPS with a little dips when something pops-in. now i have notice that the more place you have been through the lower FPS that save will be. in the first area, just around the first landing point, the FPS is fine. Then, as i go further and further from the base the Framerate starts droping 55, 50, 42, 30, 20. and it won't ever come back to 60FPS for that save. Quiting the game and load that save game will get the same FPS when you leave. I"ve tried looking around for solution and found that someone said about too many tether. i've only place like 100 - 200 Tethers on different planets. So i went and remove all of them. (they disappeared when i Shift+click to pick up). but the FPS still sitting at 20. so i don't think that is the case. Someone (in chat) mention that Minecraft used to have this problem but already got it fixed. I never play minecraft or follow any minecraft news so idk. but maybe it is the same case?. i do not have any other performance issue than this. really love the game and would like to play further but average 20fps starts causing frustrations. i hope we find to solution to this soon. PS: i still got many bugs that other has already posted. let's hope those get squished too.