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  1. I had the idea that since over flow power happens from bases and tethers, if you had a qt rtg on your pack, could it transfer power back to the base when your packs battery is charged? Especially at night, I think it would just be a nice feature to not have to take it off and slot it into your base. Same for rovers. Speaking of rovers mainly, a mobile smelter. Would take up a medium slot and smelt 1 item at a time. Especially for mods and buttons, being able to smelt on the go would be really nice. Thanks.
  2. On PC through Steam. Currently on Atrox and have had 2 soil centrifuges completely lock up if the power is cut off during use. They will not produce anything, can't accept new soil, and moving them changes nothing. The first time was a power outage, the second was an accidental disconnect. I have tried restarting the whole game and also just reloading from the menu.