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  1. Heh this sounds very interesting. Maybe resources can have quality as well, and a module's quality can be linked to the quality of the resource you used to make it. Resources you mine directly have the worst quality and need to be refined (perhaps by merging two of the same resource into one with better quality). A module with a particular quality can't fabricate modules with greater quality? And the performance of low quality modules is less... Could add quite a lot of depth and time to gameplay. Essentially making it easy to start a low quality, inefficient base, requiring exponentially more time and investment to upgrade things to a higher quality.
  2. Good idea. I'm waiting for something like this to be added. Have to make way too many storages at the moment.
  3. horizontal smoothing is broken right now. It seems that it only changes terrain to be perpendicular at the height of the terrain ur trying to edit, not the height of the flat platform ur trying to make, if that makes sense. Tried it out a little and it basically turned a hill into a bunch of little steps, rather than flattening it completely as i had wished it would
  4. how did u manage to keep ur pods in a straight line all the way?
  5. So keen for larger structures but I think as a community there are some things we should discuss in order to guide SES through the development of this feature such as: - What will they be made of? How will the construction mechanic work with the resource mechanic? - How much control will we have over these structures? Can we make walls at angles? to any size? - Do these structures interact with existing modules at all? are they simply standalone or should they have platforms built into them? - How is the third person camera angle going to work inside a confined space?
  6. Would it be a totally new kind of tether or just change the cord lengths on the original tethers? Cool idea but I'm just thinking that if you were to make the cord lengths on tethers longer then all your old tethers might join up in annoying ways.
  7. Yes I understand it's different but it's just what came to my mind when I read the title so I decided to comment it here. And yes drones with cameras have probably been suggested before but what about the method of controlling them from a module?
  8. This is kind of straying from the original idea but maybe you could have a camera object which you can access from a camera module at ur base. At the camera module you can connect wirelessly to the camera and check what ever's going on out there. Could be quite hard to implement though since you'd have to load a whole nother section of the world when you look through the camera assuming it is far away from ur base.
  9. If the wheels can rotate along all 3 axes, then you no longer need to turn the vehicle in order to drive it in a certain direction - the wheels can simply start rolling in the direction you wish to travel, whether that be backwards left right north-east whatever. That means you'd have to use WASD relative to the camera angle otherwise there's really only 8 directions you could go in (W, WA, A, AS, S, SD, D, DW). It'd be just like controlling the astroneer. Cool idea really, but the mechanic is really a lot similar to the hovercraft.
  10. Stops the vehicle from flipping over Allows you to drive over steep inclines such as mountains, ditches from mining etc... Increased traction means no more sliding around What if it was so sticky you could drive on the roofs of caves?
  11. Yes but only if it glowed in the dark.
  12. Hey it's a great idea but unfortunately someone else has already posted about this. Make sure you check this pinned thread Before posting to make sure you are not duplicating another thread. Thanks.
  13. +1 Although I must ask what you mean when you say 'drain power from where it is attached to'. If this is draining power from a module then I feel like it would be a bit annoying because u get your vehicle in range and then wala suddenly the smelter you were going to use is out of power since its power has been transferred to the vehicle. Would be better if it just worked like any other powered mechanism and took power from a power source
  14. Because it would provide a great vantage point I tried to place a beacon on this rock pillar. Unfortunately could not be done as the beacon just rolled off. You can see in the photo it is in the process of rolling off. I am using steam playing on a windows 10 laptop
  15. I'd prefer if the accelerator didn't produce anything that could be found naturally such as Astronium. "Antimatter" and "dark particle" are both fine names as well... In fact the name of the new element doesn't really irk me much at all. When I made this I was really more excited about the particle accelerator being a gateway to some insane tech that would only ever exist in the year 2500