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  1. Hey, that's pretty good!

    Vehicle movement

    What if we had a way to move our rovers and trucks around using space ships? I often get lost when driving off in my truck but what if I could use a spaceship to carry it back? Or what if I wanted to explore a new planet? I thought it would be an easier way to scout around?
  2. Hey, that's pretty good!

    Jet Packs and Backpack upgrade

    Great idea, if made I think it should be made and have to be added to either side of the pack (for stability or something) and using hydrazine is a great idea too, it stops it from been abused unless you have the resources. I'd also suggest an extra slot onto the bottom of the backpack as sort of a fuel port?
  3. Hey, that's pretty good!


    Make it attachable to things in general, also be able to pick it up too obviously
  4. Hey, that's pretty good!

    Hovering vehicle

    I think it would be a great idea, but what about it was an upgrade instead, like you printed it and then placed it on a truck or rover? Also how would it be made and would it be able to move up and down almost like a helicopter
  5. Hey, that's pretty good!

    More vehicles

    So one of the main problems I find is that I have found lots of research items say in an area with lots of trees. My idea is add an extra research item that is some sort of trailer. It would be the length of two trucks with two wheels at the back, you would be able to add storage to it solar panels and batteries and everything else, however if you add a seat you won't be able to drive it around. I would add with some sort of hitch (not with a power cable like you can with truck to truck now). You would also need the other half of the hitch on the truck. (It could even be another part of research) it would still provide power to the truck it's self if it was holding a battery too. To make it you could need something like 4 titanium as it could be quite op if it was make out of something as easy to find as aluminium. The main reason I want something like this is because I use research to obtain resources like titanium and lithium as well as I like to collect lots of stuff at once and it's an alternative to backpack upgrades. What does everyone think and what you add/change?