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  1. Hi there, I just wanted to thank everyone at System Era for making such an amazing game. Although I haven't played Astroneer as much as other players have, I purchased the game in January of 2017 and I have enjoyed watching it and the community grow. With the release of 1.0, I have been impressed once again by the amount and quality of content you've been able to implement into this game. This just guarantees entertainment for hours on end. This game is EXACTLY the kind of game I enjoy, I love space, I love the low-poly art style, I'm a big fan of the Graphics, I love the simplicity
  2. Maybe, those flying/tumbling rocks could start and stop at random intervals because if they were constantly rushing about you'd have a hard time even moving a meter on a planet like that without getting hit in the face. This is actually a pretty interesting idea, nonetheless.
  3. Guess the little devil was really hungry. I don't think Cavern Lures are supposed to try to eat rovers, considering they are carnivorous.
  4. IMO, it would be cool if you could customize the colours of the tethers because unchangeable rainbow tethers would get annoying quick.
  5. Xbox players and Windows 10 players (people that purchased Astroneer from the Windows Store, that is) can play together. Players that purchased Astroneer through Steam can only play with other Steam players.
  6. I didn't remember if it was Beta or Alpha, thanks for reminding me.
  7. Saves that were made in older versions of Astroneer tend to break in the newer versions. Usually, the terrain would be corrupt with loose items and vehicles simply falling through the ground. Your save may have been automatically deleted due to complete incompatibility with the new versions of the game. Even if you were able to load this old save, many elements would have been broken. This game is being updated very frequently, so this may happen often during the current beta. Sorry about the save.
  8. Hi there, I'm playing on the Steam version of Astroneer and I've noticed that while moving around the planet Terran, the render distance for foliage (and some other small objects) is quite low. I can see it load right in front of me. When driving around in a Buggy/rover, these rocks load in only when I get close. So, sometimes I crash into them, I got stuck on one once. (Maybe I'm just a bad driver.) All graphical settings are set to 'Ultra'. My CPU is never maxxed out, should definitely have enough power left over to render some plants and rocks, right? It doesn't seem right: wh
  9. What was is that you 'logged out' of? Steam? Xbox? Did you spend 70-100 hours on a single save, or just the game overall?
  10. Was this save in a previous version of Astroneer? Older saves are known to mess up very frequently.
  11. Hi there, I wanted to re-post my suggestion for a Headlight toggle or sensor. The headlight is always on, even during the day. I was thinking that maybe we could have the ability to turn it off, or maybe a daylight sensor so it automatically turns off? Technology is very advanced in this game, and a daylight sensor is quite far from high-tech. I posted this suggestion last year and some people liked the idea, and I still think it could be a nice little addition (Having the headlight on during the day seems a bit, unusual.) I wanted to re-post this suggestion because the other post I
  12. Hi there, In my most recent game of Astroneer, I had an issue where I could not grab or move anything. I couldn't sort my backpack out, I couldn't move platforms even when the power cables were unplugged, I couldn't grab a single thing. This wasn't a mouse issue; the pause menu and desktop worked perfectly. Although this was simply resolved by restarting the game, I would hate to come across the problem again. After all, hosting games when this happens is quite incovenient for other players. Please look into it. Thanks.
  13. Hi there, I've come back to Astroneer after some time of not playing it and I'm really enjoying the new features. I like to play this game because the graphics are wonderful and it runs very well on most systems, but I've noticed that Motion Blur has been completely removed: I can't find any settings in the game's files and every combination with the in-game graphical settings will not change it. I've seen some other people play this game, Motion blur is non-existent for them too. Was Motion blur truly removed or am I just missing it somewhere in the files? I'd love to have it back, it