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  1. Steam Windows 10 Update 125 Short clip of Exotica inside out.
  2. Secret MC Shaman

    Welcome Aaron!

    Welcome Aaron!
  3. Secret MC Shaman

    125 - Steam - Changes in terrain after update

    Steam 125 Terrain issue - Terran Isolated to base area on load
  4. Secret MC Shaman

    [Merged] Stuck In Platform/Node/Base Terrain

    Windows 10 - Steam Created a video with the glitch. Tried logging out to reset but a new glitch appeared. The area I flattened went back to original terrain then disappeared when i used the terraforming tool. Hope it helps.
  5. Secret MC Shaman

    Money Grab??????

    Agreed. This is a Sandbox game....not only a sandbox game but a pre-alpha. Mojang started out with 3 blocks, and if memory servers THAT started in 1998 or 99. It wasn't until 2011-12 that it even started hitting mainstream gamers...then from there is exploded as new Java writters were creating more and more mods. Mojang and Microsoft couldn't keep up and updates from them were far and few between. Personally, I am looking forward to more features, but learning to be creative with very little, then incorporating new features to become even MORE creative is what sandbox gaming is about.
  6. Secret MC Shaman

    How can we help?

    @SES_Adam @Wyvyrias @Martin Thank-you for the response. Your suggestions are noted and hopefully followed. I am working on a series myself. I hope you grade on a curve for quality since my video editing skills are ham handed, but working to improve that. It would be good for those of us looking to promote to add hyperlinks to our descriptions. Also, I am trying to re-inforce the "use the search tool 1st because you question has most likely already been asked" in each video. There are at least two sections of this forum I think should be added to our videos, but you are the developers. Which links would you like to see us add to maintain flow control. Read This First Lithiums List And finally any thread that directly relates to the topic I covered in the episode (As well as credits and shout-outs because I'm not a D. Bag) and credit for creative work should be given to the game creators as well as the entertainer creating video content. @Lithium I have a feeling Pewdiepie will eventually pick it up with out prompting. I know, JackSepticeye, iBalisticsquid, and Ssundee have already started series on this and other MC Junkies are bound to pick it up; that being said, from what I've seen they haven't quite gotten to a point where they've embraced it's full potential. It is going to take more than just tutorials right now to entice more players. Sandboxers are still wrapped up in MC, and probably will be until more creative features are added to Astroneers but that leaves an opportunity for others getting into this early.
  7. Secret MC Shaman

    Ghost Panels?

    Absolutely agree...that is why I am leaving it up to Wyvyrias. I know I found it helpful and wouldn't have found the answer with out the redirect.
  8. Secret MC Shaman

    Big Solar panels - how to use one?

    Is it worth it in general just yet? Does this provide more power...or even store power? I have limited play time so haven't tried dragging this thing back to base yet. How fast does it charge the large batteries? Is if faster than the solar panels you can print? I can see it being a nice addition if/when domes are added, but right now it looks like "busy work" and doesn't add a lot more to the game?
  9. Secret MC Shaman

    Ghost Panels?

    Wyvyrias, go ahead and delete this thread if it isn't useful. You won't hurt my feelings.
  10. Secret MC Shaman

    Ghost Panels?

    Thank-you, one of the problems with the "search" is if you don't know exactly what to search for it gets you no where.
  11. Secret MC Shaman

    How can we help?

    Before I get jumped on...I did a search on "How can we help" and came up with nada, so....I am adding this in hopes SES and the moderators can provide us ideas on how we can help as a community. There is a LOT of repeated information on this forum, and my only logical explanation is - most players are too lazy to research with SEARCH and use to having things handed to them. This is clearly becoming frustrating to quite a few ADVANCED MEMBERS in the way some posts are being responded to. I LOVE this game. I see so much more potential as not only entertainment, but as educational. I've read some amazing posts from members who are clearly high on the intellectual scale (way past my pay grade...figure of speach), and the fact that I have read a few times that the developers (as well as many players) WANT to stay away from violent PVP has endeared me to it as a parent and a game enthusiast. If I had the tech skill I'd be sending in a resume today...but I don', for those of us who really want to see this game create a community and develop into something even more amazing...Moderators and Developers, what do you need from us (aside from the obvious already mentioned)? MEMBERS - PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND WITH "IDEAS". I'd really like to hear from the Moderators and Developers themselves. This is where WE listen and they talk.
  12. Secret MC Shaman

    Astroneer Challenges?

    "Smelt me not challenge" doesn't appear to have its own string...but it look like the steps for it are listed in"Moleman Challenge" if you want to search for it.
  13. Secret MC Shaman

    Erasing data

    That has been a topic of discussion.... This will give you the run down. Also, under SUGGESTIONS...READ THIS FIRST....Lithium added a "to-do" list of things they currently working on, might be working on, and "maybe someday". May help you out. Have fun with the game....I know I am.
  14. Secret MC Shaman

    [Google Docs] Feature Suggestions Document

    I am with Azrael on this.... I've read most of awesome read that was well thought out and sorted. Based off what I've read in the post so far, you've pretty much covered every common need/want on the forum (and then some). I think it boils down to need before want and giving SES time to program the software. Lithium, I read your compiled "to-do" list under the Suggestions subcategory. Maybe it is possible to use this Google Doc to create a "Poll" on those features SES is considering but don't have immediate plans for to determine the customer's top wants/needs....then determine what is doable now vs what will need to wait? If you redirect on initial log in it might reduce a lot of the repeat posts, on the same topic, over multiple different subcategories, etc...making your life easier. You could also add projected "roll out" dates to keep a majority of the redundancy to a minimum. You could always add a hyper link back to the forum, and a specific thread meant for that topic.
  15. Secret MC Shaman

    In Defense of PVP

    I haven't read all of these, but considering how "questionable" things in the real world this is really a heartwarming string with so many advocating against in game violence/competition. I agree this game should remain non-violent, and prevent trolling/griefing as much as possible. From what I've seen on SES's "to-do" list, there are going to be many upcoming features where mini-games...and competitive challenges...will be a possibility as gamers create them...that should cover the non-violent PVP originally defined by Tweeznax. Long and the short of it...huge round of applause to SES for creating a sandbox game that promotes cooperation...looking forward to seeing what the artistic sandbox community comes up with.