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  1. RazorStrike

    Handling research items

    When we pick up research items, they move closer or further based on wether we keep our mouse downward or upward. (Sorry for not phrasing it well and I'm only speaking from little experience, sorry XP) Could we just use the scroll wheel to determine the distance of the research item or whatever we pick up and hold. It's a small thing but I felt like it would make things just that tad bit better. Like scroll up for the object to be further and scroll back for the object to be nearer.
  2. RazorStrike

    Looking For Players Megathread

    Platform(s): SteamLocation: IndiaLanguage(s): English, HindiMicrophone: Yes (Steam voice chat, discord or skype)Looking for: Anyone :3Can play from: Weekdays :- 11:00 Am UTC to 1:30 Pm UTC (Might change), Weekends :- 4:30 Am UTC to 7:00 Pm UTC (With a few breaks in between cause I might have gone out somewhere :p)Can host: I won't recommend it but I can if you really can't.Comment: I'm pretty new to game... idk what else to say