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  1. 1. Getting Stuck in second stage platform while I'm too close( temp fix don't be near it) 2. When player crashes joining a multiplayer game and he/she crashes before the ship lands the habitat pod stays and will stack if multiple chrash happen consequtive. 3. Unminable ground with ores in it found this on Xbox and Pc can mine around it and it makes a big square 4. hooking a trailer to buggy traler gets caught and sling shots you around, to the point i was launch into space( which was pretty funny) 5. landing a shuttle on a ship because my friend built a ship base while i was away cause them to spas out( eventully fixing themselfs 6. Habitat flew away and the returned when and dug itself under ground. 7. guns get left behind when players crash none of these bugs will stop me playing the game it is really fun and addictive. only have a few of the bugs recorded will show more as i record and find the again 2016_12_17_18_25_43-clp.mp4 2016_12_17_18_28_51-clp.mp4 2016_12_17_18_30_06-clp.mp4 2016_12_17_18_31_42-clp.mp4