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  1. AceCaeli

    Advocating for no mini-map

    Maybe will be cool to add an ability to launch satellite and than craft a tablet with data from satellite (relief and resources, direction of windstorm and etc.)
  2. if you like to use vehicles with drill to gain resources, that topic will be interesting. So, when you dig with drill, you can notice that vehicle always moves away, and that makes digging uncomfortable and makes you to move vehicle closer all the times. And I offer the solution: add supports for vehicles with crane (as real vehicles with crane got, some sort of "legs" or "bipod", think you understood what I'm talking about). It can be realized as bonus improvement for crane setup in vehicle bane or like another type of vehicle in that module. Think that will be great improvement, that will bring in game more realism and make game more enjoyable.
  3. It will be great to have an ability to place modules as you want (choose hight or rotate it). If that can't be done, want to see plausible module placement, so it can't stuck in other( like on pic. below)
  4. I got half of lithium in my backpack. Couldn't drag him or replace with another thing. When died, It still was in backpack and half, and still couldn't select it.
  5. AceCaeli

    Marker/beacon bugs

    Don't think that I've left my vehicle in another galaxy...
  6. AceCaeli

    "Tentakles" (18+)

    My mind get injured
  7. AceCaeli

    Some flying plates

    Yeah, I checked that. Thanks. But still, some hovering parts of satellite doesn't looks plausible. Even if it's a part of pazzle.
  8. AceCaeli

    Some flying plates

    I don't even know what is that plates, but they are just hovering there and when I dies, I spawn on them.
  9. AceCaeli

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    This kind of thing happened to me all over the time, until I dig a hole under landing place. So I just began to fall trough that unbreakable stone.
  10. AceCaeli

    Undertexture surfer

    I have been mining some resources at the surface, when suddenly fell under texture and began to surf it. Thanks to a cave helping me to get out.