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  1. digital.lei

    Spaceship shaking

    Tried logging out and back in, now stuck in habitat lol
  2. digital.lei

    Spaceship shaking

    Created a Spaceship, but when I put a habitat on it, it began shaking and moving. Had to extend the platform so it wouldn't shake off. Steam OS
  3. digital.lei

    Missing resources

    Forgot to add Steam os. Can't edit posts on mobile
  4. digital.lei

    Missing resources

    I got lost for a day and when I came back to base all my resources were gone. I had about 50 in a cave, the cave was level with the base. I've built down before and lost them, why this time it was level. It was like I got raided, lol.
  5. digital.lei


    I have the same issue
  6. digital.lei

    Can't make rovers or trucks work

    Maybe it's stuck on/in the ground? Or a rock? Can trying playing with the terran tool and see if it pops out.
  7. digital.lei

    Parking Brakes

    I'm all for vehicle controls. a brake and e-brake. It's not fun having to "coast" to a stop, only to keep sliding when you remain in your vehicle.
  8. digital.lei

    Disappearing Resources

    Sometimes the 4th smelt item will be on the smelter, not the platform itself.
  9. I would like it to be a little more mmo. Being able to meet other astronauts and venture with them would be cool. Finding rare resources/discoveries/beasts, right now it seems to be the same no matter where you go, just a different look (I know it's still in Alpha). Mmo while still maintaining the solo aspect if wanted. Quests and missions, maybe some bounty hunting. Being able to customize your astronaut, i.e name and some physical characteristics. Discovering different style suits and suit modifications. Since they are adding lifeforms later on, something tamable...I love having game pets. Maybe something cosmetic or a mount. Something like a class tree. Examples would be technition, minor, farmer, builder...etc. Being able to color items: vehicles, suits, modules, etc.
  10. digital.lei


    Make sure you have the top left spot of your backpack open for the tethers, else they'll vanish (unless this has been fixed). Otherwise just stack them up somewhere. You can't move or destroy the platforms. You can build a second habitat and branch off from there, if you want to stay in the same area. Or start a new game. I almost made the same mistake for my bass, but luckily had 1 I could branch out further with.
  11. digital.lei

    Missing Research

    You start on a new planet and don't have to "discover" a pod before using it. You place it on the research station and it will either yield resource or research. Also wasn't aware they removed the geothermal.
  12. digital.lei

    Add official lights

    A drone that supplies light would be cool. Something to uncover through research perhaps.
  13. digital.lei

    Missing Research

    I placed them on the research platform. They pop open and scroll through the icons for a discovery. When the icon stops scrolling, nothing happens. Usually it says what you discover. I get nada. Nothing new in backpack and only thing I have left (according to the wiki) to discover is the geothermal. So if I haven't come across a certain pod style, I have to discover it first before it yields anything? Haven't had to before. Maybe I'm misunderstanding what you are saying.
  14. digital.lei

    Missing Research

    Last 4 unknown researches show that something is there, it scrolls through the icons and stops. But nothing comes from it. I've uncovered everything I think except the geothermal thing. If there is nothing left to discover, watching it scroll is just a tease
  15. digital.lei

    Research Suggestions - Xbox One

    I believe it's random. Usually the unknown researches from fallen shuttles yield good stuff.