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  1. However, those of us looking forward to the long off days of Dedicated Servers fully expect this to be resolved. It just takes time to build said infrastructure.
  2. My suggestion for avoiding this (assuming that the respawn points, Habitats and Spaceships, are where your primary oxygen tank is stored as I've been assuming in my descriptions) is that a respawn point is marked invalid when it has no oxygen supply, causing you to default back to the original Habitat on Terran. This would at least prevent a game being entirely lost to a doomed expedition, and you've hopefully learned by then what supplies you need to take with you to that planet on the second try.
  3. Perhaps that's a good approach to playing alone and in small groups, but as a community we need to understand what elements each other are talking about or else communication breaks down.
  4. The devs call the first things "Pumpkins" but have expressed that they don't like that name and would like to come up with a better one. I've been using 'Gas Bag' but I also don't like that. Other names I use: Spiker, Popper, Fisher (your second picture)... We should probably call the Sarlaccs something else for copyright reasons. Shai-hulud is also taken. Are there only five hazards? I look forward to more. In the meantime I'm gonna go take pictures of a bunch of stuff and start providing labels for this discussion. Maybe there's a 'what to call things' section on the wiki.
  5. I recommend swapping the solar panel with a storage from somewhere else on the train. The panel will still supply the entire train with power, and the storage on the same vehicle as the crane will be filled by the crane. I am strongly in favor of the crane filling storage on the entire train rather than just it's own car (and also safely storing partials internally) but until then, just move the solar panel. Also, you will have to swap in empty storages as each one fills up though.
  6. Well, I think the best configuration for my suggested Oxygen Compressor would be for it to be as simple as possible so it can be worked into a tutorial. Here's a compound deposit, pick up 3. Here's a resin deposit, pick up 4. It's scripted so you get these exact amounts easily. Build a Node, 1 resin. Build a second node off of the first (new players NEED to be stopped from locking themselves into their habitat), 1 resin. Turn the second node into a platform, 2 resin. Build the O2 Compressor, 2 compound. Build a solar panel, 1 compound. Slap that on there. You've now learned basic po
  7. Right now it's tied to the service's community systems but as Dedicated Servers are implemented the tools for local co-op will also become available. (And also splitscreen once it's optimized enough to do that reliably)
  8. You need to build a Vehicle Bay, that's the one that creates a new landing zone. Aside from that, you're stuck with the zones the planet came with.
  9. I shouldn't ALL HAIL the Zebra Marble, I don't want to start a dispute with the Glow Cloud. I can spare a little worship though.
  10. That research object isn't new, it's just the recolor of the green one that's on the truck next to it in the picture, but I've never seen that particular plant before. Cool find. I also love where you store your marble.
  11. Those are the most intense world holes I've ever seen. I've seen some misalignment between chunks, and in multiplayer a chunk not loading in at all once, but this is on another level.
  12. I've seen two versions of this: One where the Conduit is stretched out without rendering additional pieces along it's length One where it renders additional pieces so you can see the entire conduit. I'm on PC/Steam and I saw the former. I'm curious which one you are experiencing on XBOX because if you have the latter then that information sounds very useful to the devs.
  13. Pretty much everything here is already on the Road Map ( ) so you can expect to see a lot of this stuff coming in over time. I definitely look forward to greater variety of ecosystems and, more importantly, planet-specific ecosystems.
  14. Automation is already on the roadmap, and I think I recall the devs in their 12/22 stream (It's been a while, I want to hear more from them) mention that they had already been experimenting with it a bit prior to the EA release so it should be in working order sooner rather than later, once it runs reasonably well and they resume making content. And I love the idea of an arriving colony ship as a time limit. That warrants a lot more discussion in one of the Narrative topics.