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  1. italianwolverine

    strange piece, usable or just junk ?

    New version I've found this strange piece fooling around my base. It seems it can be plugged into one hole ... does anyone know if it has some purpose ?
  2. italianwolverine


    use dynamite to destroy the smelter and build a new one
  3. italianwolverine

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    True Thank you But the seat is still mounted backward
  4. italianwolverine

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Inamovible rock on vehicle bay and 1-seat mounted backward on the shuttle ...quite annoying !
  5. italianwolverine

    [BUG] Incomplete foundy process

    Whit this last version it seems that the last malachite or laterite did not complete the founder process The stuff in the red circles are unselectable Steam version
  6. italianwolverine

    "Oxygen" researchable ?"?

    Thank you
  7. italianwolverine

    "Oxygen" researchable ?"?

    My last researchable crate gives me the "Oxygen" result. But no more modules or 3d printer or backpack stuff appears. What does that stuff do ?
  8. italianwolverine

    Switch between active aughments

    The terrain tool can carry 3 aughments. It could be nice to switch the active aughment with a key (or totally disable it) I mean .. cycle between SLOT 1 -> SLOT 2 -> SLOT 3 -> NORMAL FUNCTIONALITY -> SLOT 1 ... and so on ...
  9. italianwolverine

    Help with Augments

    Hi Marting, thanx for your answer ... but i still don't understand how to "charge" with the color. I've placed my analyzer on the terrain tool and try to dig some blue terrain... but when i try to level it always do that woth the default gray color. Surely i'm doing something wrong... but i don't understand what
  10. italianwolverine

    Help with Augments

    Hi everyone. I've researched 3 out of 4 augments but i still can't realize how they work. I've tried to add the terrain analizer to terrain tool but .... how does that work ?!? Thanx in advance
  11. italianwolverine

    [BUG ?] Items disappeared from backpack after patch

    Me too i had quite everything ... now i have nothing .. nothing in my backpack, nothing in my printer .... :\ (patch 153)
  12. italianwolverine

    [BUG ?] Items disappeared from backpack after patch

    UPDATE !! Stuff are missing from 3D printer too. I can only print the one seat and the wheel . no big solar panel no big condensator no big wind turbine and so on ....
  13. Hi everyone. After the patch i've loaded my old savegames and from my backpack i cannot create all the stuff i was used to create before, like dynamite or generators. I can create only theters, solar panels and beacons. Anyone have this issues ? Is there a way to fix? #Steam #Windows7 x64
  14. italianwolverine


    so don't fall into caves
  15. italianwolverine


    a me è successo sulla luna ...