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  1. While I think of it. Player 2 joined game at my starter planet...not the one I was on. Perhaps this is a "feature"?
  2. Had a sweet base started on Tundra World. Invited 1 for multiplayer (LAN). we begin 1) Had 2 trucks, kitted out, linked up and ready to explore, player 2 entered game. I hopped out and waved hello. Player 2 hopped into the first truck (3-player seat) and launched about 1 km into the air (both truck 1&2). They landed...eventually (weird in-game noise). 2) Let's try this again, trailer had tipped over, so we both were in cab, I pulled forward 5 feet (1.65m) hopped out to [TAB] trailer in order to right it. It launched and I am not sure if it was up or down (very fast). Same weird sound. Second player made it back to surface (unclear how), truck is either in orbit below planet with all my other stuff (it's getting crowded down there), or deep in a cave (currently exploring...hey, I might get lucky). 3) 2nd player "touched" storage racks, (5) and all 5 disapeared upon spawning new game. 4) Upon entering caves looking for my trucks (previously explored and tethered) the textures started to disappear. Not sure if I am at a wall or about to fall into the pit of doom. Laid out a new row of tethers to explore. Found a previous line, and decided to go up to the surface that way. Half way up all walls disappeared and I started flying through the ground (transparent) (I lived, don't be worried). Ended up near base. 5) 2nd player could not see my base or storage racks, only my trucks and space ship