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  1. LameLefty

    The Lunar Update - July 18th, 2019

    Jeez, never mind. I restarted my PC and whaddaya know? As soon as I rebooted, the update finally appeared and started downloading. Thanks, Microsoft. *sigh*
  2. LameLefty

    The Lunar Update - July 18th, 2019

    Can anyone help me figure out why I never did get this update on Win10? The MS Store never gives me the option to update and tells me the game was last updated on July 1. I'm really P.O.'d I missed out on this event last week but figured it was just a glitch but here we are a week later and I *still* don't have an update available.
  3. LameLefty

    Where is the update (windows)

    Just became available on my system (had to go to the MS Store app and manually check for updates). 2.17 GB download in progress ...
  4. LameLefty

    Where is the update (windows)

    Nothing yet for me (Win10). My Store downloads page is empty - Astroneer was last updated in November 2018. So still waiting ...
  5. LameLefty

    Ver. A rough start

    Another problem is that for some of us who started playing over year ago, then took a break for whatever reason, the starting point of the game is just vastly different than it used to and unless you've played continuously as the game evolved, and absorbed these changes organically over time, the new start is incredibly jarring. Add in the random start locations and procedural world generation, and you may well get dropped into a wide open prairie with nothing obviously useful within visual range. Plus, Compound now looks like Resin used to look and vice versa, you have grasp and learn a Research system that didn't exist before, the Terrain tool doesn't work like it used to, there are new UI options ...
  6. Everything I've seen is the same price, whether Steam, Windows Store, GOG, etc. aside from periodic sales. Astroneer was certainly the same price.
  7. You don't get software from the Store in Win10 do you? It's all stored in the same, weird way regardless of publisher. That said, disabling hardware components via a BIOS setting is ridiculous; people shouldn't have to reboot in order to change something that basic. On the other hand, it may be an AMD thing. I have an Nvidia card in my systems and the game has no problem using the dedicated GPU instead of the integrated one.
  8. The OP mentioned in the first post that this is a Win10 game, meaning it was purchased through the MS Store. It doesn't store games and apps in the same way Steam does, and I doubt Microsoft will suddenly move their Store infrastructure to Steam.
  9. This is so ironic ... on the KSP forums, people have bitched for years about Unity's limitations, fantasizing about the developers suddenly porting the game to the Unreal engine instead, lol.
  10. LameLefty

    I got lost...and love it

    I got lost out prospecting last weekend so I ended up just circumnavigating Terran until I found my way back close enough to home to see some of my beacons. Took me over an hour to navigate around mountains, bridge a tall canyon and dig ramps down one wall and up another for a second canyon, etc. but it was great fun.
  11. LameLefty

    Trade Platform Fuel Exploit

    Here's a tip for folks new to the whole "pre-Alpha, early access" type thing ... Kerbal Space Program was alpha/early access for several years, has been in a post-1.0 "released" status for over a year (working toward version 1.3 now). Game balance decisions are STILL being made with each new addition of content and depth. In other words, "game balance" is a process, not a destination. The Astroneer devs have a lovely aesthetic and creative vision - let's let them do their thing and be patient, bearing in mind many, many things will probably change in the coming weeks, months or potentially longer. Embrace change.
  12. LameLefty

    I found engine

    I found a Thruster today myself deep in a cave. There was also a dead Astroneer under there not far away, and a partially-buried satellite.
  13. LameLefty

    Can we use spaceship parts?

    I haven't dragged one of the large solar arrays home yet, but I have found that a lot of spacecraft have cargo inside you can salvage if you dig the dirt away - usually one rare item like titanium or lithium, then one or two common ones like aluminum, copper or hydrazine. Many have a 1-seat inside as well for use on a truck or rover. And today while exploring inside a cave I found a thruster that you can mount on your base. It burns hydrazine but doesn't seem to do much else.
  14. LameLefty

    What is yours....

    You need competition in your area. Another ISP moved into our neighborhood last year offering gigabit fiber for $30/month and free installation, locked in for 3 years. I was the first person on the block to get it put in. NEVER going back to cable internet after this.