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  1. Jeez, never mind. I restarted my PC and whaddaya know? As soon as I rebooted, the update finally appeared and started downloading. Thanks, Microsoft. *sigh*
  2. Can anyone help me figure out why I never did get this update on Win10? The MS Store never gives me the option to update and tells me the game was last updated on July 1. I'm really P.O.'d I missed out on this event last week but figured it was just a glitch but here we are a week later and I *still* don't have an update available.
  3. Just became available on my system (had to go to the MS Store app and manually check for updates). 2.17 GB download in progress ...
  4. Nothing yet for me (Win10). My Store downloads page is empty - Astroneer was last updated in November 2018. So still waiting ...