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  1. Once charge is stored it is ready to be released, from the perspective of the condenser a battery is a source of power as it provides power.
  2. An isolated event ( I have two fuel condensers next to each other and this only happened to the first one made). The condenser does not receive power from any external power sources (I have tried every option even a battery). However it does gain power from and "power generating module" connected directly to one of its available slots (in my case a wind turbine).
  3. Pretty self explanatory. Upon each reset of the game the audio levels reset to max volume in each category.
  4. Using multiple vehicles as a train with a truck in the front with 1 seat connected behind is a rover with 2 storage modules. The truck vehicle connection slot can hold objects that occupy 2 slots (satellite, wind turbine, and research objects). Even when vehicles are connected it still allows you to place something in that used up slot. Doing so causes the game to crash.
  5. Playing Co-Op with a friend (they are the host). once landed on a new planet in a space ship, baring 2 habitats, 2 storage panels, and 2 single seats. When my fired (as the host) develops and expands the base, and alters the ground it does not show on my screen. as he alters the land it simply no longer exists and i fall through at a slow decent to my death.
  6. Using the trade platform to gain compound. added 4 copper which will return 8 compound (as expected 2 per unit of copper). after adding more copper the value of returned compounded decreased based on the sell value of copper (2). The same happens when using other materials (aluminium and hydrozine).