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  1. I'm certain this must be an oversight, bug or some kind of exploit. Basically my friend and I carried a large platform with us deep into the caves, load it up with minerals and head back with pretty much zero risk. When our oxygen is low we just drop the platform, refill, pick it up and carry on. As handy as this is it makes the risk of caves and the like pretty trivial. It used to be fun trying to get vehicles down there (which was challenging and the oxygen was a nice payoff), but the platform tables are just too easily carted about. Probably this isn't intentional!
  2. If you pick up a tether in the world and place it on your pack WITHOUT opening your pack... you will lose your tether to the ether, never to be seen again. HOWEVER, if you open your pack so it takes up most of your screen AND THEN put your tether in, it will rest there safe and snug.
  3. I'm uncertain as to whether or not this is a bug. But, while sitting on a vehicle (which had one of those fancy, removable 1 seat driver's seats), I was able to pluck my guest's seat (while occupied by said guest), lift it through the air like a king of yesteryear, and place the seat, and him, gently on our research structure where, once food comes into play, the methane he'd almost certainly produce by consuming aforementioned food, could, quite possibly, power our research station. Is that intentional? Or should I not be able to lift occupied seats in the air place them where I will? Thanks!
  4. Well let me alleviate your angst by sharing the following! These forums, too, are free! You did not have to create yet ANOTHER user/pass account because, as was CLEARLY (I can shout words too!) demonstrated on the sign up page, you can simply use your steam account, as I did! This may come as a surprise to you, but there are gaming platforms other than Steam (I was equally surprised when I discovered this decades ago!), so it probably makes more sense to centralize issues here so other people, not on Steam, can report their bugs and share their experiences too It's not at all surprising that you don't like falling through the world - it's almost certainly the case that no one else does either! To be most helpful, you might want to identify what happened when you sunk through the ground. Were you the host, or the guest? Were you just walking along, minding your own business, or were you digging at the time... and if so where? When you say endlessly, did you fall through the world in a continuous loop, doomed to swim under the surface like a mole person who shuns the sunlight - or were there times you were actually able to grace the surface of that fair world with your sunny disposition? These kinds of things are useful! Complaining about issues that aren't, or losing your fiance, are less so. Cheers!
  5. This is a bug because the behaviour is inconsistent. The problem is, I don't know what it's SUPPOSED to do, so I'll just say what I'd like it to do. If you have a storage unit (the kind you make that the printer, not the vehicle bay), and place it onto a large storage unit (the kind you make at the vehicle bay), you cannot actually place any resources on it. HOWEVER, if you place a bunch of resources on the 3d storage unit and THEN onto the vehicle storage unit you are fine. You can also remove those resources while the two units are back and replace them. This is an issue on the truck, but it's NOT an issue on the spaceship, oddly. I'm presuming you should be able to attach the 3d storage onto the vehicle storage and then add resources to it freely, but I don't know. Thanks!
  6. Hi there! Nearly my entire experience in Astroneer has been with my intrepid friend who is brilliant at digging and making ramps but has a tendency to send vehicles, and their respective parts, soaring through the air never to be seen again (except that one time it landed not far away DAYS later). So, he can no longer drive. But he can dig though! Except... when he can't see resources. This information is second hand because I've not experienced it, always playing the host, but I'll do my best. He's not the most technical of sorts, but I'll see if I can persuade him to share here and provide some additional details. While driving a vehicle out of our awesome "batcave" like exit you tend to do a little jump in the air which is awesome to see. Except, when HE does a jump in the air the vehicle flings itself into orbit (presumably) and him into total annihilation... he dies horribley and the vehicle is never to be seen again. This has happened twice now. Perhaps we'll try again but I've taken his license away for now. EXCEPT, a few days later I noticed one of the lost vehicles suspend waaay in the air a short distance from our base. I ran up hoping to rescue it by building a tower and hoping in, but as I approached the vehicle suddenly plummeted to the earth and I was able to drive it back to our home. While the vehicles are stuck (and they frequently are on our expeditions because I insist on taking our massive train of trucks into the underworld), they may move slightly. If, while that is happening, he attempts to remove something from the vehicle either accidentally or intentionally, it will be immediately be flung so far and so quickly it's assuredly ended up in another dimension where it can never be found again. In this case it was our precious winch which we were trying to use to pull ourselves out of the fissure. In the above scenario, where many vehicles are tightly packed together and may or may not be slightly moving, all will appear to be well to me (the host), but my poor friend will be seeing the vehicles as a metalic whirlwind of awesome (terror?) where the vehicles whip around frantically in a bizarre tornado of doom / amazement. This is a recent development - but having descended into caves my friend is unable to see ANY resources except (oddly) compound. But all the delicious malachite and lacerite and whatever else remains elusive to him. This also applies to oxygen and energy "bits". He can see plants, though, but not those annoying spikes that vehicles can't drive over (the really big ones). This happened... about 20 hours into the game, some time late last week, and no amount of resetting/relogging has solved it. We have not been able to try since he just updated his drivers, because he's not been able to connect back
  7. Hi there! After having many swims under the world where I can SEE all the resources but can't extract myself from the ether in order to get to them, I've pretty much become an expert in slipping through the rocky cracks and into oblivion. In a nutshell, this is how you do it! Start digging, preferably in a cavern but anywhere will do. Once you get through the brown and into the green (on the terran worlds at least), stop. Start filling your freshly dug hole back up. IF you leave little conical pockets (like an ice cream cone) you will slide neatly through them and into the Great Beyond, even if there are no visible cracks and it's fairly shallow. This happens pretty consistently with me now. If you bury yourself (hey, you have to escape the sandstorm somehow!), you will almost certainly fall through the world as well... which is odd because other things I've buried do not (like a huge pesky tree rolling about my base, or my shame... which was a shuttle I built with only a storage container and now way to fly it... whoops!). Hope that helps! If you need more info, let me know!