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  1. The only scenario where what you said could be implemented is if you're working with patterns. That might be cool for getting creative, so you wouldn't have to do it over and over again. For basic coloring, it would step a little too much on the Terrain Analyzer's toes. I think the only way to make a clear difference between the Terrain Analyzer and what you suggest is if they actually gave more to the Terrain Analyzer, like allow us to use them with two colors at the same time to make patterns of gradients. However, at this point, the coloring needs to be fine-tuned because it's very inconsis
  2. The vehicle mechanic is a little off in this update. I don't know if it's because there are more rocks on Terran now, but you cannot drive for too long of a stretch without going belly up. It seems the Large Rover (former TrucK), in particular, has difficulty getting back on track from the smallest bumps. If it's also loaded with a bunch of things (such as research nuggets), it takes a couple of good tries to "TAB" it back on its feet. Sometimes, you need to take the nuggets off to work. The Terrain Analyzer loses its display color after loading a saved game. It still works properly, the
  3. One problem I encountered was my resolution setting. I have two monitors: one is 1920x1080 and the other is 2560x1440. I play Astroneer on my main, 2560x1440. However, the video settings keep resetting to 1920x1080 every 20 seconds, no matter how many times I move it to the proper resolution and hit apply. Sometimes, it registers for a second and switches to the proper resolution and other times, it doesn't do anything. This has not been a problem until the 131 patch.
  4. I've been playing for around 3 hours in total in multiplayer on the experimental build. We're a group of four. The game crashed on us 4-5 times suddenly, but there are a couple of other bugs. Here's what we found so far. As the host, I kept dropping certain items out of my backpack when I mined/found them in a certain cave. For whatever reason, be it minerals or power nuggets, if I found them in one cave, they disappeared by the time I reached the surface. However, for the other three in my party, this didn't happen. My friend found the stuff I had though in a floating backpack, even tho
  5. Not sure you want to venture far away from your base in a vehicle (after all, exploration is what they are for) and get caught in a storm. You will get in the vehicle for safety, so that things don't hit you, but you will suffocate in the rover/truck by the time the storm passes.
  6. It's easy to notice the difference once you've played for a while and you get an eye for it. But I agree, they could use a bit of a recolor/enhancement.
  7. Thanks! We've never come across this thing and we did put a power nugget on it and we watched it fill up. Interestingly, though, since I was the only one who could see the puzzle (I hosted the game), I didn't solve it and I know neither of them solved it either, but we got the prize anyway. We were all just around it and one of my friends went to the bottom and "Oh, what is this..." He just took that out and found it anyway on top of the Hubble. So, we essentially got the prize and the tablet was still on by the time we exited the game. That's when I snapped the screenshot.
  8. I was playing with my friends last night and found this. I have no idea what it is and I haven't found it before. When the game began, it was the same but without the red and blue colors. It seemed to "light up" the more we played. I couldn't interact with it, so I'm assuming it's a bug.
  9. First of all, I absolutely love this game! I'm not a survival/exploration game kind of person. I'm mostly into FPS and RPGs, but Astroneer just got me addicted. Thank you to Systemera for this great game, and I hope you guys keep updating for years to come. I've been playing for 55 plus hours on PC Steam at this point (it's a pretty powerful PC), and I have seen several issues throughout the game. In particular, I've been playing a lot of co-op with three other of my friends. These are mostly in the instance where I'm the host of the game, but the same has happened when someone else creat