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  1. SimonTheAstroneer

    Choosing a starting Planet

    Ok thx. I thought there is no hydrazine on exotic and somehow managed to come back home.
  2. SimonTheAstroneer

    Fully modular vehicles

    I would love the module with these wall.e type of thing. You know what i mean.
  3. SimonTheAstroneer

    Choosing a starting Planet

    I think the sense of unknown is really cool and there is no need to make difficulty levels (forces you to plan). Starting on terran actually makes a lot of sense. On oher planets there could not be resoures that you need for a start.
  4. SimonTheAstroneer


    Hi team, It would be really useful if you could decrease the fall damage on low gravity planets. Im really into performing insane jumps but the thing that stops me from that is actually fall damage. And what do YOU guys think? Is this a good idea?
  5. SimonTheAstroneer

    Parking Brakes

    its pinned?
  6. SimonTheAstroneer

    Parking Brakes

    its pinned on the forum
  7. SimonTheAstroneer

    Parking Brakes

    very nice idea!
  8. SimonTheAstroneer

    First person mode

    i like it a lot but dont u think the drag and drop mechanic would be a bit of a trouble to be
  9. SimonTheAstroneer

    Game Objective?

    i like the driving mechanics too but i would like rover to be less jumpy and feel a bit more heavy.Beside these i love itm
  10. SimonTheAstroneer

    Basic ideas

    not good or!?
  11. SimonTheAstroneer

    Basic ideas

  12. SimonTheAstroneer

    Basic ideas

    So cool XD!
  13. SimonTheAstroneer

    Most Frequent Suggestion + Confirmed Features

    Im really surprised theres no suggestion for more biomes.
  14. SimonTheAstroneer


    Mountain exploration.
  15. SimonTheAstroneer


    and how do u think u would be able to see there? through walls? but yeah it would add something different to game