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  1. Judging by the absolutely abandoned "Patch notes" branch, the developers have abandoned the forum and write mostly here https://www.reddit.com/r/Astroneer/ Perhaps the studio is already busy with another project, and Astroneer has been sent on a free voyage. Therefore, they simply do not have time to introduce other people's ideas.
  2. The character stands still, but his connection to the tether network is constantly recalculated. Is it a display bug or an error in the logic of work? What's the point of loading the game with calculations in vain if the character is standing still and not moving anywhere?
  3. Fresh game in "creative mode". Specially checked Calidor and Novus surfaces. As a result, I found at least 3 cases when a truck cannot pass through an empty space on a newly created road. I don't see any point in testing in a multiplayer game - it's usually even worse there. P.S. While this game has fundamental bugs in the basic mechanics, there is simply no point in finishing something else.
  4. Developers communicate very poorly with the community and may even forget to write something about updates. Try asking in the chat on the Discord server of Astroneer - maybe they will answer you something.
  5. I figured out the work of the dedicated server - everything works. The presence of a white IP address from the provider with the possibility of incoming connections solved the problems. Unfortunately, the problems of the game in general (invisible walls, desynchronization of clients, buggy physics) still do not allow playing it without swearing. Therefore, we are waiting for better times.
  6. I will try to move the server to another host - maybe this will suddenly solve the problem, although in general the bell is unpleasant.
  7. I tried to play with friends through a dedicated server - 3-4 people online. It was fun, but not for long - despite the perfect ping, constant jerking, wild desynchronization between two clients - the other character moves in jerks / jumps, the tractor drives the same way. At the moment of jerking, the client turns off the physics and the player easily falls through the textures with his tractor. At the beginning of the game, two fell right into the core of the planet - they had to equip a rescue expedition and, in fire mode, activate the gates on the surface + dig a tunnel to the core. In addition, constant delays when you want to pick up an item. At the same time, all players have 60-80 fps and 16 gigabytes of memory in each computer + quad-core processors. The general impression is to wait another year at least. I'm going to play Empyrion again.
  8. Yes - you can create a single player save and use it for a dedicated server.
  9. The real (white) IP address must be specified in the config file.
  10. Wait a couple more updates. Now even between players with a steam version of the game there are problems.
  11. He asked his nephew to connect to the server from the external network - unsuccessfully, although traffic forwarding is configured on the Internet gateway. I will think further.
  12. Having done a little trick, I managed to connect to a local dedicated server. On the computer with a dedicated server, add the real IP issued by the provider to your Internet gateway as the second IP address (for example, and set the network mask to On other computers in the same local area network, which need to connect to the server with a second IP address, we set the address from the same provider network (for example,, etc.) As a result, all computers on the local network will connect directly - without the participation of your internet gateway.
  13. I think the problem is that in the configuration with a separate router as an Internet gateway, the current ideology of a dedicated server will not work. My internet gateway has a real IP - my computer has a gray IP (192.168.x.x). I run a dedicated server on my computer and when I try to connect to it with a client, all packets go to a real IP - the Internet gateway does not perceive this adequately and these packets simply do not reach a dedicated server running on a gray IP (all this can be seen in Wireshark) . At the same time, a client trying to access the server from the outside (from another real IP) will most likely be able to connect to the server (I’ll check this in the evening).
  14. After changing IP in configuration from LAN IP to Real IP - server starting up and stay work. But client can't join to server. At least some progress. It is not very convenient to specify a real IP because the provider periodically changes it.
  15. I am waiting for some more magic recipes for launching a dedicated server - all of the above does not help.
  16. Astroner developers are so harsh that they are unable to post a patch note to their own forum and are ready to do it anywhere except for it. P.S. When I receive another piece of news about the game, where instead of the news, I’ll just be called to vote for an astroner at the next Internet award, I have only one desire - to vote for the Golden Raspberry Award. For several years now, it has been diligent to bury a great idea - this must also be known.
  17. Works for me and Dedicated Server visible as Steam Tools, but non-working. After starting, the server process appears for a while (20 seconds) and silently stops working.
  18. Let's wait another year, maybe something will change. Support for dedicated servers in some form, we waited - even if in such a perverted useless form.
  19. Download with steamcmd (login as anonymous) worked. Server starting silently and stop working without any error or log files.
  20. The developers suggest using someone else's dedicated server (Nitrado Game Server), for which you need to pay money - monthly payment. And all of the fact that the local cooperative has problems, then, in fact, nothing has changed with the last patch.
  21. There is still no dedicated server, the player constantly trips over invisible stones, in the game from the new one there are only regular hats, suits and other useless rubbish. What to try?
  22. If you want to know exactly the direction of the game’s development, see the latest stream from the developers. 100 minutes of lost time and no useful information about the game - this is how you need to work with community. Joe, as always, is incomparable.
  23. After reload game research station work properly (I tried to get the bug to repeat, but never succeeded). I think this is another hard-to-reproduce bug.