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  1. Now the medium shreder is practically useless, since it can only be made almost simultaneously with the large shreder and the trade platform. Maybe it makes sense to simplify the conditions for its creation (instead of iron to use aluminum or copper) and the result of his work will be soil or something similar less valuable? It also frustrates the inability to recycle large useless objects such as broken platforms - let the scap output from them be not very large, but the possibility to put the area in order is a sufficient reward for labor
  2. Periodically, I lose vehicles falling through or stuck in textures. When playing alone, the chance to find them is very small. Beacons in this situation help weakly - they are far from visible, especially in the caves. Is it possible to return markers for rovers and make their display global regardless of the terrain (can be done as enabled / disabled). Or add a new item with radar functionality - allowing you to detect lost rovers.
  3. The amplitude of the character jerking directly depends on the number of FPS. The less FPS - the more twitching the character. When FPS at 10, it looks very funny.
  4. I think that developers need to add something based on a modern Mobile I3 Core without a discrete video adapter as a test computer. Then there will be no stupid questions from the series - well-known streamers with heaped computers are fine, and ordinary users are bad.
  5. Mirosya

    Late starter's perception

    Thanks for your feedback. I hope the developers will listen to him.
  6. Mirosya

    What's happening with the updates?

    Honestly, I would prefer to calmly play Astroneer with my friends on a dedicated server than to wait for what is unknown, it is unknown when and whether it will be at all
  7. Mirosya

    What's happening with the updates?

    I suggest not to worry and stop waiting. Ahead of the holidays, at least a month will fall out of the active development of the game. Most likely, in February, they will release another empty patch like the November one and again push the release date somewhere two or three months away. Or release the game in raw form a la NoManSky - for users without a difference.
  8. Nothing until December - sleep peacefully, dear friend.
  9. Mirosya

    Dev Road Map

    - IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a *development roadmap*, not a shipping roadmap. Features are sorted by the Quarter that they are intended to be worked on, but not necessarily released. Features will be added, moved, removed, and their timing will be adjusted as development progresses! Keep checking for updates. This is a quote from the main roadmap page.
  10. Mirosya

    Multiplayer - What did work for us

    Multiplayer is not operational at the moment - wait for the release in December.
  11. Mirosya

    PAX West Starts Today

    Thank you for drawing my attention. To this day, I thought that this is still a release plan - that is, for ordinary players this roadmap is mostly useless. For a year now I'm trying to play with my nephew in astroneer - at first it was hindered by the wild desynchronization and instability of the network game. The last patch of the Steam client killed the network game at all. Unfortunately the new type of cacti and caves in Terrain 2.0 does not help to solve this problem. Therefore, we are waiting for December.
  12. Mirosya

    PAX West Starts Today

    Judging by the stream of the second day of the exhibition - the launch of the dedicated server is smoothly transferred to December and the current roadmap can be forgotten. In general, you can disperse until December.
  13. Mirosya

    Update 0.9.2 - August 6th 2018

    A year and a half of development of the game in the status of pre-alpha has been released many corrections, but the multiplayer mode as it was unplayable so it remained (to a lesser extent, but still). Single-player mode quickly bothers - especially because of the constant need to create a new game because every new version of the game breaks the old saved version. Hence two conclusions: 1) Developers can not debug an already running multiplayer mode - then it's better to focus only on the dedicated server model (remove persistent save when trying to get into the rover or hide in the habitat, also deal with sticking when active in the network game - one digs - two wait until he digs it ?!) 2) We need to develop a development model in which there will not be a permanent change in the format of the save file. The game needs stability - people just get tired grindit from scratch every time the same thing - they just go away to play other games.