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  1. Mirosya

    Any lag Xbox players?

    I can advise not to use the teters except the very beginning of the game. After the construction of rovers it is necessary to remove all the placed theaters and use only rovers for the movement. Tethers in large numbers are very heavy loading game, especially in network mode.
  2. Mirosya

    when is the next update due?

    Next update will be at the end of June, I think. I hope this will be a dedicated server.
  3. Mirosya

    Bulldozer and roads

    After digging tons of dirt and building miles of flat surfaces i am thinking that would be nice to have tunneling machine based on large rover since it has tier-3 slot on the front. So this tunneling machine can be a module (like research station) which can be maid into a box and than unpacked on the frontal tier-3 slot of the large rover. Mechanics: machine will be digging a tonnel in front of it large enough for the large rover to fit in and in the process collecting soil if canisters are present on the large rover. Also i want this machine because current soil digging using crane dramatically damages the beauty of the nature. P.S. Usefull links about this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bulldozer https://electrek.co/2017/04/27/elon-musk-tunnel-boring-machine-spacex-first-image/
  4. Mirosya

    Mulitplayer major issue

    This very old problem. The game is unplayable or bugged in multiplayer from the start of sales. I recommend you to wait until the dedicated-server patch which is promised to be in February or March.
  5. Mirosya

    215 - Steam - Unplayable multiplayer

    6) Sound preferences not save. After restart client sound volume set to 0. 7) Storms sometime has no sound.
  6. 1) Periodically can't join to host machine - try reboot steam client on host and client but nothing (very old bug) 2) Periodically freeze on host machine (old bug?) 3) Tethers can't stack for client (very old bug) 4) Narrow mod augument not working. 5) Medium rover weight is 0? Any wind blow can roll rover over and keep rolling it for a long distance. When carring the artefact rover very often can drop on it's butt like a dog on the carpet and stuck in this position.
  7. Mirosya

    Co-op joining problem

    Multiplayer is unplayable with current patch (196) anyway. Waiting for next patch.
  8. Client's player can't place tether back to the stack, only to the empty backpack slot as a single item.
  9. Restart for Steam-client on client\server PC will help start new multiplayer game. If we try connect to exist savegame with big base (many changes in landshaft, many tethers, many objects) - 99% chance fail to connect. Multiplayer in long-time perspective unplayable now.
  10. Mirosya

    Rover issue

    My client is PC ( Steam ) - my rover+trailer (with me inside) easyly launched to space one day ago.
  11. Mirosya

    Rover issue

    Rover physics is bugged for all players. Developers trying use some kludge for fix rovers but this process is endless now.
  12. Very short visibility range for beacon in multiplayer (client view). Video Platform: Steam Version: 182 Specification: OS: Windows 7 x64 CPU: AMD A8-7670K GPU: GeForce GTX 650 RAM: Kingston Fury 2x8Gb DDR3 Drive: M4-CT128 M4SSD1
  13. Client player can't use spaceship or shuttle solo - big chance for desync, crash or something else. On screenshot my ship land on planet and after trying escape from ship my game is crashed (host computer is crashed too). PC Steam platform, Windows 7 x64
  14. Mirosya

    Pickup resource (patch 155)

    PC Steam platform, Windows 7 x64
  15. Terrain relief not load correctly for client player. Other planets unplayable now in multiplayer. PC Steam platform, Windows 7 x64