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  1. Mirosya

    The business model behind Astroneer?

    What kind of business model can we talk about if the game is unfinished, not a release and really does not work? P.S. Of course, you can learn from the experience of Chris Roberts and his long-term construction "Star Citizen" - to make a game forever, to collect money for it forever and sell existing boats in your dreams for a lot of money. But in this case, let the developers be ready for spoiled karma for life - the phrase "I participated in the development of Astroneer" will be a curse.
  2. Mirosya

    electric bike

    Now in a network game, a bug with an unremovable land landscape is very often observed. In this regard, it can be very difficult to travel on four-wheeled vehicles and I would like to have an option in reserve for something like an electric scooter. Like this one.Ahead slot for headlights and rear slot for beacon. And of course the opportunity to ride together!
  3. Mirosya

    Bugfixes please!

  4. Mirosya

    Wanderer Update - September 25, 2019

    No problems. We have been waiting for three years. We have been waiting for the promised dedicated servers since last summer - after all, they are always taken away, transferred, updated by the roadmap. And in two months they can be transferred again. And we will wait!
  5. Mirosya

    Wanderer Update - September 25, 2019

    Can a dedicated server be launched on a game console?
  6. Mirosya

    Wanderer Update - September 25, 2019

    And what do game console owners do? After all, this will not save them.
  7. Mirosya Ground Desync

    This old bug, which has existed since the launch of Terrain 2.0, completely kills the gameplay in the network game. Perhaps this is the most serious bug, in addition to memory leaks, crooked flights between planets and connection problems in a network game (because of which you even have to restart steam on the server computer). Developers still can not fix it :(.
  8. This is the view from host machine
  9. Mirosya

    Update 1.1.2 - May 10, 2019

    When this schedule reaches the next bottom, someone will pay attention to it. https://steamcharts.com/app/361420#6m
  10. Thanks for this video. +1 for this bug
  11. Mirosya

    Patch 1.0.9 - March 1, 2019

    I'm glad to release another patch - it moves. I uploaded my old save - all the same 10-15 fps with lags. With reliable waiting for the next patch.
  12. After activating the drill, the big rover becomes uncontrollable - after turning off the drill control becomes normal. There was no such build in the past.
  13. Mirosya

    About beauty

    Some time ago I was actively playing another voxel game - Everquest Landmark. She also suffered from optimization, but she had good tools for building. I would like Astroneer to pay attention to this aspect. In the early builds, it was quite tolerable to achieve something with the help of "perfectly flat surface" and other tricks. Now it turns out rather modeling clay, than something normal. Please pay attention to this point (albeit in the long run - now, of course, developers have other priority problems). P.S. maybe I missed something - if someone writes / writes a guide on current construction techniques (in the current build of the game) - I’m happy to read it
  14. Mirosya

    Patch 1.0.7 - February 21, 2019

    I bought the game two years ago - right after launching the pre-alpha. I haven't given up yet