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  1. Yes @Lethann I have found sometimes the tethers will return to a stack of tethers that is not full, but I'm not sure this is always he case. I haven't tried to do this with the keyboard since I discovered they've been disappearing. And yes I use the Tab key rather than Shift. I might have altered the controls a bit since I like to use the same keys bindings for all games where it is possible. I don't remember what were the original keys though or if I changed anything really. lol
  2. I would love it if I had a grappling tool, even if it didn't reach as far as the terrain tool it would still be pretty cool to access certain areas without having to build or dig a ramp to get there. I read on another thread that it should be a beam. for some reason I think it would look cooler if it was like a hook gun on crossbow that just shot a wire and a hook and dug itself on the wall.
  3. I definitely want to see some live creatures on some planets, after all as far as I've gotten there is a very nicely developed flora in the planet terra at least and I believe it should be able to support some sort of life. I also think that each planet should have different species of animals or critters that survive on different climates. I think having some be aggressive and others passive/passive-aggressive is a great Idea as with all life when it feels threatened it fights back.
  4. I realized I could use the TAB key to put stuff that was selected directly into my backpack instead of dragging them to backpack. But if I use the tab key with my tethers they simply vanish. Instead I have to drag them manually with my mouse to the backpack. it's no biggie but I lost a lot of tethers before realizing this issue.
  5. One of the main reasons I bought this game was to build stuff with my best friend. unfortunately when My friend joined my game while I was gathering resources he went to drive the rover closer to stack it with the items we couldn't carry. as soon as he began moving in the rover it started doing flips at first but then it launched into the air and I could see the rover's wheels being stretched out in every direction until it knocked my friend out and usually dumped him underground where he would die of a fall or lack of oxygen. The rover however did not come back down and remained airborne. This happened in both Terran and Barren planets as well as with all the vehicles except the crane. He could not fly the shuttle, drive the rover or truck without bugging out and rendering them all useless
  6. while I was learning to play this wasn't an issue as I would look to mount a vehicle or the habitat and if too far away just dig a whole. When I figured I could literally raise the ground right in front of me to protect against sandstorm winds and debris I began building some walls in the case of Sandstorms. The I started noticing that the rocks thrown by the sandstorm were simply going through walls that I had raised using the deform tool. I eventually built a really tall garage with three walls and a roof to protect my vehicles but when a sandstorm hit the same thing happened. at certain points in the wall especially close to the ground the rocks would still fly through the wall and hit me or my cars knocking everything of them.